Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Squids are Back in Town!

First off I have entered my personal story of the Amamake PL Titan gank from last year on the Eve True Stories website. Go have a read!

Right, now onto the pew-pew!
Late last week we got intel that the squids (Caldari Militia) were planning on taking a number of systems including ours. This is not the first time we've got intel like this and its turned out to be nothing. But an increase in squid activity hinted this might be the real deal. The squid PoS being erected in Nisuwa was an even bigger hint.
After far too long could the squids actually stage a come back? It has been awfully quiet over the last month.
'ello 'ello! Yes, yes they could.
This weekend saw some intense fighting in Nisuwa.
Saturday saw a fleet of 20 squids plexing Nisuwa from before 08:00 Eve Time. The few QCats on tried to engage where possible but the superior numbers of the enemy resulted in loses. Soon the squids had tactical control of the space and were capturing the faction war plexs pretty much uncontested. Those of us online docked up and licked our wounds. I was still 'up' for the day in terms of kills/deaths but it was so close I'd had enough of being outnumbered and charging headfirst into the squids.
Then the US started to wake up.
Whilst still outnumbered, the QCats started fighting back. One thing in our favour is that the squids appeared to be using pre-fit cookie-cutter fleets. This is a common occurance when fleets are trying to capture a system. Usually someone sets up a POS in the target system and then stocks it with fitted frigates, destroyers and cruisers. This allows the fleet to reship appropriately for the novice, small and medium plex' respectively. Therefore the fits are generally cheap, throw-away and all the same.
Taking out the lone Griffin ECM frigate tended to disburse the plexing fleet rather quickly even when they still outnumbered us. Soon the QCats were pushing the squids out of the plex's. From a high of 7% contested, Nisuwa started dropping back down as the Gallente Militia captured more and more plex. The Caldari forces started to dwindle through repeated loses and soon we had numerical superiority. By 19:00 Eve Time Nisuwa was stable and the enemy had moved on leaving their POS.
Props to the Southern Renegades for bringing the fight and at one point locking down Nisuwa.
Once kicked out of Nisuwa, the squids plexed Kedama, nextdoor, to vulnerable. They decided to attack the iHub with a bomber fleet supported by both t1 attack and logistic cruisers. Oh and a lone Panther class Black Ops Battleship. At that time QCats were low on active pilots so we took some sniper Harpies and Comorants to try and pick off some bombers. The squids logistics pilots did a good job with only one bomber falling to the ranged sniper fire. I half expected some pilots to come at us, but they held fleet disiplin and stayed together. Boo! 
A revised plan was hatched to break the logistics and we returned to Nisuwa to get some different ships. Whilst reshipping to some harder hitting sniper ships and some ECM, a Gallente Militia fleet supported by Gentlemans Agreement hit the squid fleet and destroyed them.
On Sunday there was some limited plexing in Nisuwa by the squids, but they were unable to get it above 4% contested before we had the numbers to drive them out and plex it back down again.
By Monday things were back to normal with just the odd squid coming in to try and grab a plex or a fight. Since then, it has been fairly quiet in Nisuwa.
Saturday was my best day (I work Sundays) and I nearly racked up as many kills that day as I did for the whole month of April!
Now Heydilies has fallen to the squids, perhaps they make another attempt at Nisuwa.

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