Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ghost Locking and Kitteh Names

Recently I've been suffering from a bug in game that I've called ghost locking.

It happens when I try to lock a target that I cannot lock due to session change. This is 99% of the time either that I'm dropping out of warp (interference from the warp you are doing is preventing.....) or I am already trying to lock a target dropping out of warp (interference from the warp XXXXXXXX is doing is preventing....).

As normal when spamming lock the targeting recietal gets to 0.3 seconds or so and resets to 0 before moving again with the 'you cannot lock this dude or dudette because....'/target is invulnerable message in between.

Eventually I start to get a lock, the ship appears as a locked target in the upper right of the screen.

I have my mods hot and...... the target vanishes from the upper right of the screen. It was there for a fraction of a second, then it disappeared.


The target is still there in space, its just he was locked for all of a fraction of a second. Then I try to lock him again and this time, providing he's not ran away, I get a lock that holds.

I cannot replicate it, it doesn't happen every time. Its just very annoying. Anyone else getting this?

It's not double click cloak fails in their part as I've killed some I've had this issue with and they didn't have a cloak fitted. Its also not because of over-spamming the lock icon as I use control+click on the overview (except for the screenies above where I had a kitten in one had.

Just weird.


Now onto the itteh bitteh kitteh who needed an Eve related name.

A lot of great entries. And I suggested them all to the wife. "Dickstar" did make her raise an eyebrow!

Sebo was close. Q was another that raised an eyebrow. "Q? What like off Star Trek?" "No Q, as in QCat" "eh?"

Anyway I'm sorry to report that none of the suggested names, not even "Dickstar", were acceptable to SWMBO. However...... we did go with a variation and the itteh bitteh sickeh kitteh is now called...... Evie!

I'm happy with that as it is close to Eve and also is the name of the female lead in the Mummy series of movies who wore stockings. Giggity!

So what to do about a prize. I've decided to split it as we didn't have a clear winner as nobody suggested Evie.

The first to suggest 'Eve', which is the closest, was Katangher and they get 500m. To be honest, Eve wasn't my favourite but we couldn't have used my favourite as I cannot be bothered explaining to every vet and visitor why our 3rd cat was called "The Kitanni". 500m to Magnum 0pus for the name that made me physically LOL.

Money sent chaps and thanks to all for taking part!


  1. I've actually gotten the same problem actually. Though for me its been a little more often. Specially with rats. I'll lock it for a grand total of one volley from the drones, then it unlocks. This happens two or three times per rat and its immensly annoying... I havent petitioned it due to laziness

  2. Yup I've had that happen too, actually lost a Gnosis kill to it last weekend :(

  3. That is so AWESOME! Thanks man! Also compliments to your lady - and Evie :)

  4. So what was your favorite name?