Monday, May 13, 2013

A Weekend of Killin'

Saturday I was on and off Eve most of the day. In-between other things I was solo roaming trying to find someone to shoot, which was harder than usual. The Caldari Militia (squids) were in short supply. I suppose this gives more credibility to the rumours that some in the Caldari Militia are paying 8bn ISK to a Merc corp to attack at least one Gallente Militia alliance. Anyway, here are the fights I had on Saturday.

Thrasher vs Corax
I was sat in a small plex trying to tempted some squids to come in and kick me out. I was set up at optimal on the warp in with my guns pre-overheated. After a while a Corax thought he'd give it a go. As I was in an artillery Thrasher and he was rocket fit I was able to deal some pain as he tried to close range. His MWD lighting him up like a Christmas tree.

Thrasher vs Incursus
Again I was in a plex when I got an Incursus on short scan. A Tuskers pilot entered the plex but I'd already swapped to RF Fusion as soon as I got him on scan. KM shows another guy on the mail, but if you look at what was in the Incursus' cargo hold you can guess what happened to Mr Tracking Disrupter!

Thrasher vs Bantam
I was bouncing around Kedama when I landed on a acceleration gate to find a squid Bantam just landing. Kaboom! Alpha'd him in one shot. He was completely unfit which begs the question what was he going to do inside the plex against the rat?

Incursus vs Incursus
Initially I went after this guy in my Thrasher but he ran. TBH who would blame him? Luckily it was in a system where I keep a small hanger of ships. I happened to have an Incursus there myself. So I jumped into that and went back. Nice 1v1.

Kestrel Vs Caldari Navy Hookbill
This was a big gamble. Could my little Kestrel take a Hookbill who was already set up in a plex? LEEROY JENKINS! I dropped from warp, pre-overheated by launchers and went to work. The Hookbill didn't fire back, 3 volleys later he woke up. I had a head start. But he was faster and was able to get out of point range and warp off in structure. So close to a great kill!

Thrasher vs Merlin
I reshipped back into my Thrasher and headed down the pipe where I ran into a Merlin. Pop!

Thrasher/Hurricane + Maller/Ferox vs Thrasher + Thorax + Vengence + Retribution
I was in the home station when I saw a few squids spike local. I undocked in the Thrasher expecting to find some frigates plexing. As I was D-scanning each plex trying to find them, they landed off station. A destroyer, cruiser and two assault ships. They immediately engaged and I docked up. I asked in Corp if anyone was active whilst browsing my hanger to see what I could use. Davlos undocked a Maller as I undocked a Hurricane. Unfortunately the squids were kitey and moved far too fast for my fat ass Cane. A quick U-turn caught the Thrasher, but I was not going to catch the others who had burnt off. They were plinking me from range so I deagressed and redocked in very low armour. I repaired, swapped my EC drones for DPS and undocked. In that time Davlos had swapped to a Ferox and got the Thorax into structure but it had got out of range. It's armour repper saving its green ass. With them pre-occupied with the Ferox, the Vengeance hadn't noticed I'd got close enough to double-web him. He went down leaving the flaming Thorax and the Retribution. They decided to 'call it a draw' and left system.

So seven kills and one draw for no losses. The number of war targets about was disappointing for a Saturday. On Sunday it didn't get much better pickings.

Some Ships vs Some Ships
I found a few squids in a plex. As I was solo and in a Kestrel I called in back up. We had two Kestrels and a Condor verses a Bantam, Tristan and Venture with a Rote Kapelle Taranis whoring on everything. As I went in first I got primaried and died, but I got on the Venture kill. The Bantam also went down as did our Condor. Draw

Thrasher vs Slasher
Next up I found a Slasher who died... horribly.

Thrasher vs Merlin + Corax..... which became QCats Thrasher Whores vs Corax
I was in a plex when a Merlin and a Corax started poking about. I got the Merlin, Bang!  But his mate in a Corax ran. I chased the Corax about a bit, whilst getting some more of the QCats in system. I caught him and got him kited. I shut off the guns to share the love as some corpies turned up.

Thrasher vs Punisher
Two squid Punishers had the gall to plex in Nisuwa! We chased them about but they kept bouncing. I warped to the iHub and sat there. After a minute one landed. Dat fit????

Thrasher vs Imperial Navy Slicer
I warped to a small plex where I had a IN Slicer and an Incursus on scan. As I landed on gate a neutral Rifter landed and entered the plex. I stopped. Three on one might be a tad too far. I kept spanning scan to see if one left. The Rifter suddenly turned into a capsule so I activated gate hoping to get the two frigates whilst they were still recovering. I landed to find a corpie in the Incursus and a very fast squid IN Slicer. The squid was too fast so I left them to it. After bouncing around the system for a few minutes I came back to the small plex to find an IN Slicer and Incursus still on short scan. I entered only to find it wasn't my Corpie in the Incursus but a squid! I was shocked, he was shocked and was able to warp leaving me alone with the Slicer who engaged. His kiting was too much for me and my shields were dropping fast. I stopped the guns and spent 10 seconds swapping from RF Fusion to RF Titanium Sabot. Now my armour was dropping fast. However the 20% increased tracking from the new ammo and the increased 20km optimal meant I was not plinking away at the Slicer but hitting him properly. By overheating the AB I forced him to approach by breaking his orbit distance. He popped as I was in 35% structure!

Thrasher vs Harpy
I was heading back in my smoking ship to duct-tape it back together when I saw in Corp Chat that there was a Harpy plexing next door to our home system. I docked, repaired and undocked before warping to the gate. The guy who had reported the Harpy went after him in a cruiser so I sat on the gate to provide backup if needed. The Harpy warped to a small plex which the cruiser couldn't enter. So I jumped in and went for him. He was off the warp in when I arrived inside the plex and he warped back to the medium. I gave chase and pretty much landed on top of him. This time he engaged. However I was able to make range and hold him at 12km where his blasters couldn't do any harm.

Thrasher Vs Thrasher
I saw a Thrasher plexing in our home systems. A quick look up on the KB showed they liked shield/AC fit. So I went for armour/AC and went to the plex. They engaged and fired RF EMP repeatedly at my armour tank. Pop!

Caracal vs Slasher
I was actually after a Hawk but he got away. The Slasher engaged.... and died.

So over the weekend I had fights whilst I was flying a Kestrel, an Incursus, the different Thrasher fits, a Hurricane and a Caracal.

In total 16 kills for one loss. Happy with that!

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