Monday, November 18, 2013

Ghetto Cockbag and Big Cockbag

Lately I've been playing with two variants of the trusty Cockbag Thrasher. One of my issues that at GMT +4 I am not EU TZ nor am I US TZ. So I share my time with early Euros and Yanks on night-shifts and a lot of farmers. We can be outnumbered in this TZ so we need to get creative.

The Attrition Thrasher
This is basically a "Ghetto Cockbag". A proper Cockbag Thrasher will set you back 10m ISK, this one will cost less than 2m ISK. These are for use in times when the ISK war is more important than the K/D ratio. It is basically a T1 fit Cockbag designed for breaching faction war complexes when outnumbered.

If the squids are set up in a medium plex in our home system and are in destroyers and we are outnumbered that is easy. We'll ship up to cruisers and kill them. But what if they are in a small and cruisers are not an option. Do we go in with destroyers ourselves? Jumping into them already set up at optimals with fewer numbers is suicide. We could try assault frigates, but again Leeroy'ing into a destroyer camp probably won't end well. That's when the Attrition Thrashers come out. We are fighting say 10 v 5. We warp in, guns overheated and alpha as many as we can before we all die. And we will all die. But if we take three down that means we lost 3-5 but in ISK we won 30m v 10m. Now here is the trick, we can reship in system. They cannot. So whilst there three are podding home, we jump into another 5 Attrition Thrashers. We might lose round two as well. It is now 7v5 and we are jumping into them. Say we get 3 more. Same again, they win on ship numbers, we win on ISK. We reship a third time, but now into normal T2 fit destroyers. Now the numbers are in our advantage. This time we win and capture the plex.

Over all, its a draw. 10-10. However, on ISK we win 100m-10m. In the end that's not the important thing, the important thing is that we took the plex.

A Mahoosive Cockbag
I made up a particularly large Cockbag for dealing with those rare times we get camped in station. A Cockbag Hurricane. Full rack of T2 artillery cannons, tracking computer and sebo's, armour tank with tracking enhancers and damage mods in the lows. Rigs are targeting speed like the Cockbag Thrasher. It moves like a slug, cannot do much other than sit still and fire those mighty guns! It will alpha an average destroyer and take gate guns. So if we get neuts harassing us we can ask them to move along nicely too!

I rarely need to use it and it sits gathering dust most of the time between my other Hurricanes. But now and again it comes in useful!

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