Monday, November 4, 2013

Test Driving the Stratios

I'm a bit limited on Eve time this week, my dad is visiting from the UK. He's come all this way to see me so not really right I spend all my time on Eve. However, whilst he's watching some TV I found time to try the new Sisters of Eve cruiser.

As a PvP'r I've gone from PvP fit Stratios. Shock! I know! First up was a dual web armour tank with drone DPS. I imagine using something like this to lurk in a plex cloaked waiting for squid farmers to arrive.

Not looking too shabby. DPS-wise it is fairly close to my other drone Cruiser, the Vexor. It is also comparable to my Flabber (Fleet Stabber). Tank wise its a bit less than those other ships. Both of them have 1600mm plates and I could only squeeze a 800mm on the Stratios. However, one word. Cloak!

In space it made short work of rat destroyers but against a Claymore piloted by an alt it didn't do a lot. But then again, that is expected! 400dps against a Commandship would take a while.

With a 400m Drone bay the Straitos screams SENTRY DRONES!!! So I refit for a ranged version with Garde II's and beam lasers.

Yup, that works. Same tank of 31k EHP but now with 726 DPS! 

Tried that on the alt in the Claymore and had to take off DPS as his tank was breaking. A few of these with sentry drones assisting fast tackle could be very nasty!

So in my very quick trial it appears to be an interesting craft. I think the sentry drone fit will be the most common. Although I fear to think what the Caldari Militia will make of this for LP farming. I shudder to think...

Yes, as I thought, a very effective squid militia fit! Killed the cruiser rat in the medium plex with drones rather quickly and didn't drop below 90% shields even with the lack of tank. Triple stab and covert ops cloak. Catch me if you can!

Hang on, two can play that game! The FFF - Federation Farmer Farmer fit...

Rigs reduce the 6 second sensor recal on declaoking to 4.3 sec and the twin scram makes sure he's going nowhere. Oh yes, that could be useful hiding in plex waiting for squid farming Strats to enter!


  1. Something I read elsewhere. Because eve Runs on 1 second server ticks isn't anything below 5 end up practically being just 5 secs? So could you lose a rig for React Delay and add one for targeting time?

    1. That's an oversimplification. Fractional seconds are still calculated for everything. So something like a 4.8s lock time could take place over either 5 or 6 server ticks, depending on when the lock was initiated. If you take the scenario where the target ship aligns for warp in exactly 5s (over the course of 6 ticks), then if your lock completion happens to fall over 6 ticks, the ship will warp free. If it happens to fall on 5 ticks, your point will activate. So if you're able to reduce that 4.8s lock time down to 4.1s, it will still take place over either 5 or 6 server ticks, but the probability of it only passing through 5 is much higher.

  2. Maybe I misread, but I thought they changed the bandwidth so it couldn't field a full flight of sentries

    1. Yeah, that DPS is based on 4 I think. You can field 4 Sentry, 4 Heavy or 5 medium.

  3. I second Kethry's observation and question. :-)