Sunday, November 17, 2013

SCASSSS - OI! Get Back In Your Pod!

So we got to see the Rubicon trailer Thursday night. I assume if you read this blog then you've already seen it. No? Here it is:-

Us lore geeks had a few niggles with the video. Firstly, who is this toss-pot and who does he think he is?


Obviously CONCORD but is he a spokesperson? Someone senior? Come on CCP give us a clue! And shouldn't he be at CONCORD station in the Yulai system? What's he doing planet-side?

Secondly and more importantly we have the two capsuleers.

Now hang on, that is not right. Capsuleers don't look like that when flying their ships! This is what a capsuleer looks like when flying their ship:-

They generally never leave their pods when flying their ship, as it is a bad idea. Firstly capsuleer piloted ships are supposed to be so much better than normal ships as regular captains with large crews are so much more ineffective. The capsuleer, wet-wired into the systems, can run their ship much, much better. Overall performance is a magnitude higher due to the capsuleer. There are ships in the official lore where capsuleers can get out of the pod and stretch their legs but generally there is no point give the nerf to performance. The other issue is because of the capsuleers abilities, their ships have much smaller crews. If they are not in their pod, the crew are going to struggle due to low numbers. In Templar One, a Mordu's Legion Drake is already to run from a capsuleer Mrymadon because the capsuleer BC would stomp the normal BC.

So what are these two muppets up to?

Well there are two schools of thought. Firstly they could be holographic projections. I'm not sure of this myself. Why would they bother?

My view is these are supposed to be 'visual representations' that the capsuleer creates in their head. We know there is sound in space because the Jovian's included a synthesiser in the pod because early pilots didn't like it was so quiet. So why not have a system where the capsuleer in his or her pod can see themselves in a sort of a cockpit? After all it does serve one important purpose.... marketing!

Which ever way is true, they are definitely in their pods. After the station blows destroying the ship, we see Sinead O'Conner floating in space with her tubes attached. So she was in her pod when it blew. Ooooooo, lady capsuleers wear boob-tubes in their pods!

CCP simply has used 'artistic licence' to make the video more non-geek friendly. After all, who cares about a talking olive-green pod?


  1. I am so done with the POD - I want my capsuleer to walk the bridge and initiate inertial dampers or something. It makes for better story telling as well (at least I think so. I had a hard time getting my fiction character into a POD).

  2. As I have also said on Twitter: this mental self-image is something I have been using since I started my own writing about EVE. And I don't think it's something a dedicated piece of technology is needed for; I do think that the human brain would create this self-image all on its own.