Monday, November 11, 2013

Overview Fail and Friendly Fire

So my dad has returned back to 'sunny' England and I can get back on Eve properly.

I did get online Saturday whilst he was watching a John Wayne movie. A squid Dramiel tried to take down my Thrasher. I was in a 10mn flavour and these can be tricky with Dramiels. They kill Daredevils a lot easier. Thankfully I managed to pop the Dram as my Thrasher was at 30% structure with a lot of hot modules.

A while later I was in a Vengeance and landed on a plex gate where I'd scanned a Thorax. The Thorax was outside and was Gallente Militia and hence 'friendly'. I use inverted commas there as 'friendly' ships don't usually point you and open fire. I said in local I was friendly whilst setting a fast and close orbit hoping his guns wouldn't hurt me as I tried to point out he's going to take a massive standings hit for attacking me. He ignores local. So I convo him. He rejects the convo. Other people are telling him in local to stop attacking me. He's not reading local or is ignoring it.

Now what to do? He's hardly tickling my shields and I'm in an armour tank. He's not looking at local, he won't accept my convo. So what to do.... what to do....?

As he aggressed first I can return fire without taking the massive standings hit you usually get for attacking a member of your militia. My rocket Vengeance has him pointed and webbed and his shields are dropping fast. I've let corpies know on Comms what is happening and told them not to engage. I'm pretty sure they would get the standings hit if they engaged.

Luckily for Mr Thorax he did accept a convo off one of my 'Goodie Two-Shoes' corpies who kindly explained that he was attacking friendly militia and if he killed me he'd taken an even bigger standings hit than the one he's already taken.

"Drack. He's got it. He's de-agressing. Drack? Drack stop shooting him! DRACK!"

Oh I hear you, but bro, I iz mad. He attacked me and wouldn't accept a convo so I wanted to teach him a lesson. But am I THAT ebil to use it as an excuse to kill a 'blue'?

No, no I'm not. I carefully watched him enter structure with my finger over the hotkey. My rockets were doing around 15% of his structure per hit. I stopped DPS when he was at 20% structure and let him go. He warped off..... quickly. I never went below 80% shields in my armour tanked Vengeance.

Now obviously this dude had his overview set up wrong. And to be honest its an easy mistake to make for new players. But lets look at this another way, do you want to turn 'same alliance' off in overview? If you are -10 and in Gallente, I say no. If you turn off Gallente Milita, you turn of Matari Miltia. They are linked.

I have the 'Militia' column on my active overview. Why? Because currently you cannot turn off the Gallente and the Minmatar separately. The choice is Same Militia AND Allied Militia. They are either on or off together. I need Minmatar militia on my overview as there are a lot of 'anti-pirates' in there and with no standings penalty for attacking 'allied militia' we do have Minmatar attacking us. For most 'friendly' pilots in space this is not an issue. We have blues set with most major Gallente and Matari corps/alliances. What I do is have the militia column turned on in my overview. That way 'blues' show up on my overview but only rarely when they are NPC militia corp or a non-blue one.

This is not ideal, and puts me at a small risk of engaging a fellow militia member. However, its a trade-off against being able to see those who are either Matari "Kill all the things" Militia or Gallente Militia with rather dodgy overviews.

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