Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Test Driving the New Astero and the Updated Kronos

So last week I had a play with the Sisters of Eve cruiser. Today I messed around with the new frigate, the Astertro.

I'm worried about this ship. A T1 frigate that can get into all faction war complexes and warp cloaked? This is going to be popular with those damn squid farmers. But....... can I make a farmer farming ship?

The idea is this, I sit in a plex cloaked with an alt cloaked off the acceleration gate. When I see a squid or neutral activate the gate I drop the cloak and get ready for their arrival. So the trap can be set, but can I get a fit that can tackle triple stabbed Merlins? That can hold a kitey Condor before he makes range? That can burn at a cloaking Executioner and have sufficient speed to get there before he moves out of range?

Lets try.... We need a dual scram and a web to stop those triple stabbed Merlins and Punishers. We need some DPS to kill them and we need a bit of a tank just in case they manage to lock us within a few minutes due to the stabs gimping their sensors.

So they you have it. Dual scram, so even a stabbed Venture won't be going far. AB and web to keep them pinned down. You'll notice that there are only two high slots and one is needed for the cloak. Like the cruiser variant, this is a drone boat. It can hold three flights of light scouts and with those damage augmenters it does decent DPS for a frigate. I guess you could stick a launcher or a gun in there for a bit of extra DPS. Not sure if a nuet is going to be massively effective against stabbed ships.

I took it on a test flight to see what the ship is like as a plexing ship. Oh dear. This is going to be popular with the farmers. I was able to easily capture any sized plex, even the large. Orbiting the rat battlecruiser in the biggest sized plex with AB on, the drones tore it apart without it even being able to hit me. Same with the novice, small and mediums. I think we'll see the farmers drop the 3rd drone damage augmenter and the repper and stick two stabs in there. They'll speed tank and have a ship that is double stabbed and can warp cloaked.

The sound of frapping in parents basements is echoing through the known world and I am a sad bunny!

Anyway lets cheer ourselves up with a proper ship. The Kronos. It just sounds Klingon doesn't it.

All marauders are getting a make-over plus we get the new bastion unit. The bastion unit is basically a "siege module-lite" for Marauders. It does the following to your ship when activated (60 secs, no fuel):-

- Doubles the amount of both local reppers (shield and armour)
- Big boost to tank resists - 30%
- Increases gun  range - 25%
- Prevents external effects from effecting you. You become immune to eWar(?) but also remote reps.
- You cannot move, warp, jump or anything else but sit still whilst the module is active.

So I fitted one up and went for a test drive. Nothing surprising in the fit. 1600 plate, hardener to plug the explosive hole, one EANM (as I'm assuming the bastion module resists will be subject to stacking penalties), local repper (remember bastion module doubles amount and you cannot receive remote reps), DC and a couple of damage mods in the lows. Long point, MJD, cap booster & tracking computer in the mediums. To top it off I stuck a full rack of face-melting guns plus bastion unit in the highs.

OK lets shoot something!

I stuck an alt in a standard BS and decided to see how the new Marauders stack up. My alt is 90m SP against Dracks 105m. So lets fight!

As expected the Marauder melts the Navy Dominix. But then again the costs between the two are high. Kronos are selling for 1bn and Navy Domi for 500m.

Resisits with the Bastion unit running are 78/75/78/81. Gun range is 22km with 9lm optimal. Armour rep is at 2116 per 11.25 sec. Mmmm all is good!

I might need to buy some of these!

Any errors in this blog post are due to me being drunk k?

Disclaimer - A mate called Simon dragged be down the bar. I might have been a bit drunk when I wrote this!

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