Friday, June 13, 2014

Fiction in 500 Words?

Fiction Friday! If Eve-O fiction is not your thing try this.

Seismic Stan has started a podcast! You can find it in the above link (see what I did there?) He is also running a fiction contest with the winning entry being turned into an audio thingy (It is early, I'm very hungover, 'thingy' is best you are going to get). Details are here on the Eve-O forums.

It is a maximum of 500 words. My fiction is usually 2,500 to 25,000 words. Can I manage something in only 500? Might as well have a dry-run today!

The Game
Samar woke with a splitting headache. He lay still not risking to move. He'd been out the night before, bar and then he ended up in a Gallente club. He been drinking and... A woman! He'd met this smoking hot Matari. She had come onto him strong and... He couldn't remember. He opened his eyes, he was laying on the floor in an unfamiliar room. He sat up and saw nobody was there. The room looked like something from an old starship or station. However it hadn't been used in decades by the look of it. He rose unsteadily to his feet, using a rusted conduit as support.

"Don't say I blew it with that hot chick because I drank too much" he muttered to himself.

As he approached the door he noticed a small datapad on the floor. He picked it up and noted there were two countdown timers running. The first had only three minutes left, the second one was static at two hours. A flashing icon indicated there was message waiting. Samar pressed the icon and read.

Dear Contestant, welcome to The Games. The rules are very simple. You are confined to your room until the first timer completes. That gives you and everyone else time to wake up. At that point your door will unlock and you are free to wander around the orbital tower. The second countdown will start at this point. When that reaches zero the tower self-destructs. There is a single one-man escape pod hidden somewhere. The winner will be the contestant who doesn't die. Good luck!

Samar look at the message in horror. He jumped as a loud click indicated the door had unlocked. He stashed the datapad in his pocket and crashed out of the door into the dimly lit corridor. He looked both ways and froze when he saw another man looking back at him. The two men stared at each other for a few seconds before the stranger started sprinting at Samar. The words on the datapad repeated in Samar’s head. One pod, one winner. As the sprinting man neared Samar grabbed a section of rusty pipe leaning against the wall and set it against the charging man.


Excited chatter spread through the assembled party as they watched on the big screen the Amarrian man being skewered by the pipe. On the wall one of the portraits faded to a deep red.

A Matari woman in an elegant cocktail dress crossed the room to a smiling Caldari man.

“Congratulations Ambassador, you made a good choice. It appears your contestant will do well. I recruited that one myself.”

“Thank you Madame Xarna. It looks like I could be celebrating tonight! I thought the odds on him of 5/1 looked good.”

The two turned back to the wall of screens as a waiter passed with a tray full of drinks. The larger main screen still tracked Samar as he ran down the corridor, the surrounding screens showing his remaining 10 competitors.

Experiment failed! OK, this is difficult. That is exactly 500. 500 words is not enough to get going never mind have a complete piece if trying to set a scene. Matt, you are a bar steward! This is going to take some real thinking about for my real entry. However, I think the above has got me started on normal short-story for next week! From Twitter it would appear that a dialogue heavy piece is the way to go.

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