Sunday, June 8, 2014

SCASSSS - What Next?

I started these Special Sunday Shorts in response to being put on Jesters Trek 'Must Read Blogs'. He stipulated that blogs on that list had to post every other day and I used to only post three times a week. Now with the sad news that Ripard's blog is going dark I need to think what to do with these Sunday posts. Do I continue them or go back to my Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule?

I could go back to the original idea and make these posts properly short. Screenshots, interesting links that sort of thing.

How about fits? One comment I received was could I do a fit of the week? Well I could do an awful fit of the week! I'm terribad at fitting and usually resort to stealing other peoples fits. However I could always post my stolen fits here so you can steal them too!

I'd love to be able to do something humorous. Sunday Sillys like this or Rixx's 1v1 comics each week but I know I wouldn't be able to maintain the content. I might be able to to do a featured "Animated GIF/Meme for local" type post! You know, amusing pictures you can post in local chat to insult your foes!

I don't know, suppose doing this post has giving me another week to think about it!


  1. Question is, do you feel like you WANT to write these posts, or you SHOULD, because your readers expect something from you on every Sunday.

  2. Personally I like all of those ideas. I do like your short posts as like the appetizer for the Monday post