Monday, June 16, 2014


... or How NOT To Fit a Drake Navy Issue.

So, Stay Frosty pilot ChingShi Bonney bagged himself a Drake Navy Issue kill in Hasama yesterday. Nothing news worthy about that.  Whilst a Vagabond did 6.2% of the damage needed to kill it, ChingShi got the other 93.8%..... in a Atron! A bit of a laugh but then again Drakes aren't designed for killing frigates. Kill the drones and the heavies aren't going to do massive damage to you.

So why am I posting this. The way the Navy Drake was fit.

Now I'm no fitting guru. However, I don't think this is the best way.

High Slots:-
8 Arbalest Heavy Missile Launchers.

OK not as good as T2 but they are meta 4. So not that bad a choice if you don't have heavy missile specialisation in your skills. Pity he didn't use faction missiles.

Mid Slots:-
1MN Afterburner I - Yes, a meta 1, 1MN AB on a Drake
1MN Afterburner I - Drack, you already said that! No, this is the SECOND meta 1, 1MN AB on a Drake
Civilian Shield Booster - Yup. A healthy 2 DPS negated there!
Small Shield Booster I - Better! Slightly more at 13 DPS. On the bright side, capacitor won't be an issue.
Civilian Kinetic Deflection Field - 35% of win against Kinetic DPS.
Stasis Webifier I - Spiderman, Spiderman...

Low Slots:-
Low slots? We don't need no stinking low slots!

Rigs? We don't.... never mind, you get the idea.

OK, OK I'm having a bit of a laugh at this guys expense. However the real issue I'm raising this is why is this guy fitting his ship like this? It has to be a failure somewhere in the game to allow a player to have the skills to fly a battlecruiser but not the knowledge to fit it.

His fit, using level 5 skills in EFT, just to compare, gives:-

30k EHP. 50 DPS defence, 162 DPS, 216km/sec

If I just throw a T1 PvE (assuming thats what he was going for) fit together with same skills I get.

96k EHP. 131 DPS defence*, 284 DPS, 429km/sec

*No booster, just passive recharge on increased buffer.

The dude has been playing four months and this is his only loss. He took the Atron down eventually but his only other kill is a Merlin.... that he killed in Jita..... with a ROCKET Caracal! Yes, a Rocket Caracal!

So the big question is, how do we show these new bro's how to fit a ship? Especially if they are solo or lone-wolf type players.

How can we use the Client to educate them so they don't lose fits like this? Hang on....

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  1. o/
    Just to clarify that: My Atron was killed by the Vagabond, not by the Drake. I chatted with both players afterwards and will stay in touch with the Drake pilot.
    It was one of the most funny fights I had in my little pvp experience. I can only recommend attacking larger ships in frigates :-D


  2. What did the Drake pilot have to say for himself?

    1. Apparently "I've already bought a replacement. "

  3. Well first you take them out of EVE. Yes they came to play EVE but its EVE so you don't play in the game most of the time.

    Then you show them a 3rd party fitting tool.

    Then you tell them trust this random app with some API data of theirs. Which until I started playing EVE I didn't know what an API was. (( I have exactly as much computer knowledge as I need to solve problems in games, at work or trying to keep windows working.))

    Then you educate them on min/maxing, and optimizing fit to function.

    To bad you probably lost 50% of them at step 1.

    Or. Tell them to spend a lot of money on PLEX so they can instantly buy all the fittings they have skills for then use the fitting tool in game like EFT.

    Or CCP can stop being stupid and make the fitting tool have an EFT mode, and while they are at it have a CCP run kill-board in game.

    1. eft, neither require API information. if you want to be paranoid about it, just manually fill out the skills you have. I read yesterday that there is talk about letting people fit ships that they cant fly, with mods they cant use (to allow people setting up corp contracts etc for doctrine ships an easier time) Heck maybe they will add an eft like feature to the game at that point. Though part of their reasoning has been since the fitter tools dont have perfect equations to represent recharge time/stacking you cant use them to create a single best fit, it will get you damn close but there will always be wiggle room.