Monday, June 30, 2014

Trying Out This Industry Thingy

So with the industry revamp three weeks away I thought I'd give it a go.

Lets get one thing clear. I'm a PvP'r not an industrialist. I used to do industry.... a long time ago..... for a couple of weeks.... on an alt. I then found it was a PITA and I prefer shooting things in the face so promptly stopped. One of my alts does have some industry skills so lets give it a go with this new UI. First off I bought a freighter and filled it with compressed minerals and flew it to a station next-door with factory slots (OK so the slots are gone, I know that now!).

Reprocessing may have been nerfed, but the interface is so much easier now and much better. You don't even need to take things out of the cargo bay. Select and reprocess. Schimples!

Right, now I'll buy a BPO, lets take a Kestrel as I do fly those. Got that. Now to build some Kessies! Click on the industry button. Wow, that's different! So now I click and drag my BPO into the slot. Wait.... in all that ore I hauled, it didn't have any isogen? FFS! At least its clear what I'm missing!

Bugger, none for sale in station, and its not a SiSi seeded station. I'll have to got back.... Wait! Hey, there is that Obelisk!

Ooooo there are all those capital ship construction parts!

OK got some Isogen out of all that. Now start again, select the BPO.... hey WTF! I have the minerals! Where have all my minerals gone? I just reprocessed a fracking freighter too!!! WHY WON'T YOU WORK?

I then removed old Kestrel BPO from the queue that's actually located in a station in Villore, waaaaay back in high-sec and drop in the right one for this station. Doh!

And hey-presto! 5 baby Kessies in the oven!

The new UI is a massive improvement on the old system. Not sure if I'll ever use it, but it might be worth doing some T1 production on the things I use a lot of! Then again I think I said that 5-years ago and found it was cheaper and easier just to buy in Jita!


  1. Umm....yup...pretso magic, you can make stuff so much faster. Of course, that just means you are losing ISK faster if you are doing any of that work in high sec. Any null sec industrialist can make it cheaper than you can, and the casual high sec industrialists are going to be finding that out, real fast.

  2. It isn't that they are going to be making it cheaper (especially T1 stuff will not change all that much) but the ability for them to make it locally means they will not be buying it in Jita in nearly the volume that they used to. Which will cause prices to drop as the market becomes saturated with stuff until the market stabilizes.