Monday, June 9, 2014

The Next Frontier

I spoke to a lot of people at Fanfest and I heard a lot about what they claimed to know about what is happening to Eve. I cannot say any of this is 100% fact but it sounds right. Here is what I think is happening and has absolutely no evidence to back it up. Tinfoil hat time or a logical guess, you decide!

Post-Fanfest has finished I've changed my mind. I don't think Jove space is the "new space" we are promised. I think it is more likely we'll get access to a new cluster of stars. Probably only a fraction the size of New Eden but unlike wormhole space, capsuleers will be able to build any infrastructure they want. This includes stargates and stations.

The path to get there is long. I'm also changed my view that this new space will be here this year. Its not going to be here next year either. CCP are slowly working through the code. Taking the tangled birds nest that is the Eve Online code and slowly unravelling it. Here is what I think has happened.
  • Modular POS and Space Houses, is this a great idea or what? - Fanfest 2012
  • I've had a look at the code for that.... NOPE! - CCP Programmer, late 2012.
  • RAGE!!!!!!1!!11!!1! - Eve Online Players 2012.
  • Don't tell them anything! - Fanfest 2013
  • Right, lets unravel the mess that is this POS code. What are the issues? Industry and Research are tangled up in there? Right, remove that code, rewrite it and lets fix this in 2014.
  • Next? Corporation roles and administration are also all tangled up in there? Right, remove that code, rewrite it and lets fix this in 2015.
  • Super, that's POS fixed and we can now implement module POS/Space homes. Whats next for the 'rip it out and start again? Ahhhh yes, 0.0 sov!
Slowly but surely CCP are rewriting huge chunks of the Eve Online code. Code that has been added to, rewritten, changed, had things bolted onto and hash jobs done to it for 13+ years! Once the code is 'de-tangled' then and only then will we see new space with new sov rules, player built stargates and the like.

You want to know how bad some of the code is? When you cash-in LP at faction war stores you are running a mission technically. Yes you, Mr PvP. Yes you, who only ever fights players in game and is proud of their -10 security status. You are a filthy carebear! This is because the code for cashing in faction war LP uses the missioning system. So when you click to buy that Federation Navy Warp Scrambler or those Navy Cap Booster 200's you are actually accepting, and instantly completing, a mission for an NPC corporation. CAREBEAR!

Now, exactly why CCP aren't actually shouting this from the rooftops I don't know. Most players would welcome this surely? I assume they are trying to avoid another " 18 months" scenario. The above is a long term plan. Remember in 2013 when we got F all detailed information on Eve? We were asked to "imagine" several times and got to see a picture of badgers building a stargate. Well we were also told that there was a five year plan. I think CCP do not want to say "New space coming.... in 2018.". However if thats what it takes to get it right, make it so CCP, make it so!

2014 - Science and Industry revamp
2015 - Corp and Alliances revamp
2016 - Proper POS revamp (Module POS, "Space homes")
2017 - 0.0 Sov revamp
2018 - Player owned stargates and the great unknown.....

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  1. other words, the grid lock that exists in null sec plus the attacks by the devs on high sec will continue unabated for years to come.......

    I don't disagree that this is CCP's plan. I just doubt that there will be much of a subscription base left by 2017, if those 2 things don't change radically.