Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Punish Me!

I'm getting a bit low on frigates after having the worse run in Eve I've ever had. Seriously, I've been dying like its being going out of fashion! Worst one was when I went solo against a guy but it was a tarp and his mates were waiting at a pounce... but the bait killed me before his mates could get on the KM! I've got people yellow boxing me and my ship instantaneously explodes! That's how terribad I'm flying currently! June was sort of....

Anyway for some reason I had a single Punisher hull in my hanger. So I thought I'd see what I could do with it with the range of modules I have in my hanger.

High slots are fairly easy, some T2 pulse lasers and a Nos. Then we get to the mids. ONLY TWO? This is an issue for a close range ship. I can fit a scram and a prop mod, but no web. If I fit a MWD I can get in range of my foes, but if I get scrammed then I cannot dictate range if they are either AB or have a web themselves. If I fit a AB I am in danger of being kited and unable to catch my enemy, but if I do catch them then I have a better change of dictating range. Mmmmmmmmm. I'll go scram and AB and try not to find any Condors or Slicers!

Low slots are easier. Plate and a small repper. I needed an power core as well for the 400mm plate. I was going for a EANM in the last but then I spotted I had one of those reactive hardeners. So I thought I'd try that for something different.

Rigs were a couple of trimarks to increase the buffer and a nano pump to cycle the repper faster.

Finally loaded up some Scorch and some Imperial Navy Multi-frequency and I was undocking into the big black to find someone to shoot!

Over 100dps at 3.3km optimal. 7.5k EHP although not sure how the reactive hardener effects this. 50 seconds of cap with everything running but the Nos helps there.

After only a couple of jumps I scanned a Merlin in a plex and warped to it. By the time I got in there he'd gone. There was a wreck in there and a capsule on scan, I think I just missed a fight. So I decided to see if the Merlin would come back. I kept spamming a short-range scan and after a couple of minutes he arrived back on gate!

I set up a 3km orbit around the warp in, activated my AB, set my default orbit distance at 3,300m and waited. After what appeared to be an age, but was probably less than a minute, he entered the plex and I spammed locked, orbit, scram, guns and Nos!

He engaged back and webbed me, however he was MWD fit so my AB meant I was still able to keep range even whilst webbed. His guns were hitting me, but mine were hitting harder given I was able to maintain optimal. My puny shields were soon gone but the armour was holding up nicely. It was maintaining around 90% with the small repper running. Cap was OK and he was going down fast to my Scorch. In the end an easy kill due to his lack of an AB. I gave a "gf" in local (unreturned) and looted the wreck which contained his loot plus the loot of the guy he'd just killed. Nice bonus there!

So the first outing with the Punisher was a success. Wonder what I'll encounter next?

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