Sunday, July 13, 2014

SCASSSS - Solo PvP, Its Out There (Video)

So I got a mail from a reader called Kikusama who told me to stop bemoaning the lack of solo PvP around at the moment. Its out there, you just need to look....

Still think he needs to try my timezone! Just after DT and I cannot find anyone to shoot!


  1. That's like someone living in the Sahara saying that the world is all sandy and someone telling them that the world has plenty of grass if you travel a bit with the first person replying "come to the desert and you won't find any grass".

    There is solo pvp after dt too. Look for aussie or Russian groups.

  2. I've seen several days when logging on after down time, to get a quick roam before work that the eve population is well below 10k, and low sec is a wasteland of empty systems. I've found a few fights here and there though they are just hard to come by. But as Jeff says if you look in the right places you might find it easier to find some fights.

  3. The key to getting good fights is assessing the opportunities. I go into a low sec system, safe up near the sun and 5 degree d scan. The FW plexes are where I usually look for fights.

    If someone is in the plex you can see their usual fits on Eve Kill or more quickly check their age and whether they have any corp mates in Local to see whether it looks like a genuine opportunity. If you have a high damage fit (my 230 dps merlin falls into this category) you can go in even if you think it's bait because you can probably kill it before his friends can stop you.

    Huola has had non stop conflict for nearly a week - you will find odd targets in and around that system. In Cal-Gal where we usually hunt pretty much anywhere can provide targets and we find fights at all times of day. I guess the secret may be to cover a lot of ground at quiet times - warp to the sun, scan the plexes and move on when there's no suitable targets.

    We went out last night with 3 T1 frigs and we found a fight about once every 30 minutes. My tip is don't stay still and bait, keep moving keep hunting.