Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Roamin' Solo

I went for a solo roam early this week and thought I'd document it. It can be a pain to find solo targets in my TZ but I was up late giving that I had a late start at work the next day. I was hopeful that I was nearing EU prime-time (I'm GMT +4) and there might be someone to fight!

I fitted up the following Breacher and went to see what I could find...

From local I could see Nisuwa was clear. To be honest its a brave squid that plexs in the home of the QCats. So I went over to Hirri which is a more popular system. Or should I say can be. As the only guy in system, I didn't stick around.

As I jumped into Pyne I saw local pop up with absolutely full of suspect players. As grid loaded I breathed a sigh of releaf that I had not just jumped into a massive gate camp. I warped to a safe quickly and started scanning. It appeared the suspects were a large Moa and Caracal gang with logi and fast tackle sat at the Rakapas gate. I scanned two Tristans at a plex but they appeared to be together. Me verse a 20-man gang or even just two Tristans was too much. Time to move on.

Hikkoken had a few neuts. I was only able to find an Algos in a plex. An Algos should splatter a Breacher easily, and doubly so if I had to warp into him. Others appeared to be deep safed or cloaked. So I decided to move on.

Next stop was Nennamalia, There were 20 in local, none spotted in space, I assumed most were docked up. Given the numbers of neuts and some squids kicking about I decided to sit in a plex for a while. Whilst 5AU scanning over the course of five minutes I saw Harpy, Thrasher, Algos... IN Slicer. I reduced scan range and the Slicer was coming for me! Faction Frigate verse T1 frigate? As he was warping into me I decided I'd take it. I launched my T2 warriors and pre-over heated my web and scram. The trick with IN Slicers is to stop them from kiting you. I sat on the warp in and waited. A few seconds later a neutral Imperial Navy Slicer entered the plex. I locked him up, activated the web and scram as well as the rocket launchers and burnt after him as he tried to make range. I pulsed the MWD and he only got to 6k maximum, easily within range of my over-heated web and scram, before I closed in on him. I stopped the overheat and then it was a nose-to-nose slug fest. My active tank was far superior to his DPS and he exploded in a fireball. GF's in local. I scooped the loot and headed to the station to repair my module damage from the overheating. Quick shout out from another player, tbh I was worried by the first line but the second made me smile.

18:04:30 ] Drackarn > gf
18:09:13 ] Mr John Steer > Drackarn i read your shit
18:09:29 ] Mr John Steer > its good
18:09:32 ] Drackarn > :) Thanks

Enaluri was next stop and all very blue so I didn't hang around. Hallanan had several neuts. Nothing in space that I could find. Moved on quickly.

Back to Hikkoken and I found a Squid in system. I did a wide scan and found a couple of ships in space. I looked the squid up on Eve-Kill and it looked like he flew Rocket Kessies. There was a Kestrel somewhere in system. Rocket Kessie vs Rocket Breacher, sounded a good fight. I scanned one plex but that was empty, the other plex was just out of scan range. I thought sod it, I'll take a chance and warped direct to the plex. I landed into a fight. The Kessie was there, fighting a neutral Cruor. I had to make a quick decision. The value of the faction frigate made me forget my Gallente Militia principals and I engaged the Cruor hoping to kill him jointly with the Kessie and then catch the Kessie and polish him off too. As I got in range the Kestrel exploded. Shit!

Cruor verse Breacher is not a good fight if you are the Breacher. Its even less of a good fight if you've loaded EMP ammo expecting to fight a Kestrel. I was capped out and supremely buggered before I could get out. I was able to last longer than I should by pulsing the ASB. However that meant I couldn't fire back, it was a choice of pulsing the shield booster or the weapons, and that Cruor was repping like there was no tomorrow. Knowing it was useless I aligned out and was spamming warp as my ship exploded. GF in local and podded back to Nis.

One Imperial Navy Slicer killed, one Breacher lost due to me taking a risk. I do hope these Nulli guys show up soon! It was a lot of work for one kill!


  1. Us squids are also having a hell of a time finding targets in the US time zone as well. It seems most of the frogs are off in amarr space right now.

    I also wouldn't say it's a it's a brave squid that plexes in nisuwa. A bored squid who just wants to shoot something is probably better

  2. I had a hunch the Cruor was Oma even before looking it up.

  3. Why couldn't you fire rockets while using the ASB? ASB has its own cap charges and rockets don't use cap.