Monday, July 21, 2014

SoTF/DnD Closes its Doors

From a few whispers around the internetz and social media, it appears that the corporation Shadows of the Federation, founding member of the Drunk 'n' Disorderly Alliance has closed its doors for the final time.

SoTF was my first PvP corporation and I was with them for a number of years as a director. I had some great times with them. Really sad that they are gone now. Here are a few of my favourite memories...

The PL Titan Gank
Whilst feeling safe and happy in their home system of Amamake, one certain PL pilot would gate-camp with his smart-bombing Erebus. A joint SoTF/Wolfsbrigade operation was put into effect. It was top secret and coded named "Lets gank Oddos smart-bombing titan for shits and giggles.". It was worked out that 40 dreadnoughts would be needed to kill a Titan in one siege cycle and warp out. So the faction war noobs decided to give it a go!

The Milton Keynes Meet Up.
What happened in Milton Keynes, stays in Milton Keynes. You who were there know what I'm talking about!

Birthday Fleets and Escalations
There was a tradition that the primary FC's would lead roams on their birthdays. Tekitha would get the fleet whelped and Lockout would have us engage a superior enemy and some how roflstomp them after they had dropped caps and return home with minimal loses. We also had some epic escalations with more and more hotdrops and more and more batphones being called. That one in Kedama was amazing! A few choice reports from over the years:-

The Quam Super Hotdrop
Ahhhh, I remember this one well. Quam were running around Black Rise with a faction BS fleet with only a couple of logi. Well known for dropping supers, we knew what they were up to. So we put together a BS fleet, fitted two with cynos and prepped a sacrificial capital. We engaged, dropped our carrier... they dropped two of their own carriers. Damn, no supers! However, we were getting the upper hand and were about to drop a dreadnought to try and push the escalation. We didn't have to, they dropped three Nyx on us before the dread was ready to jump. We jumped in the HICs who had been waiting at a safe out of scan range and then lit the other cyno. The Quam smack-talk, that had been filling local, went quiet as 25 Raiden supercarriers hotdropped in!

So for now SoTF is all quiet. However, in Eve, you never say never right Gallactica?


  1. Old school deplexing in nisuwa... This is boring... 3 mins later, button spinning with vindi, Carrier, Moros and Nyx.

    Also plexing related, when the squids launched that all out assault to take Nisuwa and we were pulling those, sorry won't be able to get to work for an extra hour, with the old DT respawn mechanics. Some epic skirmishing we had then until Gallante could login and reinforce.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry dude, but if s8 has left its more like :o)

  3. Ahhh the Quam drop was nice. My favourite was when we took out some guy who liked to solo drop his Nyx. We baited him four about two hours, splatting POCOs/POS' with a couple of Dreads and Carriers.

    He eventually bit, and the carriers ejected HICs. Rest is painful history...