Monday, July 28, 2014

To Trust in the Rust - The Breacher

Its a week-long public holiday here. Whilst you'd think that an effectively 9-day holiday would give me more time to blog, it doesn't! Wife will be dragging me down to the mall shortly for shopping! I have no idea how I'm going to get anything done for Fiction Friday!

So I'm going to do a couple of short posts about what I'm flying currently around Black Rise. Today, the Breacher!

I do like the look of the Breacher, its proper Matari. You know, the "explosion in a girder factory" look. I tend to go for rockets with a MDW to get into the targets face. A medium ASB loaded with Navy 50's and a DCU provides tank. I go with web and scram for range control using a overdrive injector in the lows. A ship with a AB and a web will be able to break free if he really wants to but with the number of kiting ships around a AB rocket ship has too many drawbacks for me.

DPS with T2 Rage rockets and a pair of Hobgoblin II's is a shade under 150dps.

Unheated I get 3.5km/sec from the MWD which is not enough to catch all the kiters, but certainly the lazy ones. By loading Javelin  T2 Rockets I get 15km range, 8.5km with the T2 Rage.

Shield boost does nicely with a Blue Pill.

This ship will eat most T1 MWD/Blaster boats. Orbit at 8km and spam rockets. It can usually tank rocket Kestrels long enough for you to kill them. It will kill IN Slicers as long as you have them pointed and webbed and they cannot make range. But be careful, faction frigates can be a problem!

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  1. The Breacher is hands down my favourite T1 PvP boat. Even if you fit an afterburner, 1/3 of your firepower comes out of the drones, meaning that kiters still take quite a pounding. Given the relative fragility of most kiter fits, and the absurdly good shield tank of the Breacher, you can often win in fights of attrition.

    That, and in most practical fittings, this little scrap heap is one of the fastest little brawlers out there. Throw in energy damp immune weapon systems and tank, and you have yourself the scrappiest, take-on-all comers hull in New Eden!

    I agree with you, it's one of the uniquely pretty ships in the cluster. The top wingy bit makes it look like a space shark!