Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Drop in the Oceanus

So our next "expansion" is out in 20 days. Oceanus brings us (so far announced)...

New Cloak Effect
Pretty cool. This graphical update for the cloak effect is very nice. You only see it for your own ship though. To people looking at you, you simply vanish as is now. So don't panic, your cloaking isn't delayed like many are screaming on the forums. Calm down carebear, cloak is still instantaneous and your MWD/cloak trick should still work!

Importing EFT into Eve!
Yay! You can now copy and paste your EFT fittings into your Eve saved fits within the Client. Go EFT Warriors!

French Localisation.
You can now play Eve Online: Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey! (Obviously only if you are Groundskeeper Willy, nobody else would call them that of course)

3D Previews in the New Eden Store
Now you can see what colour seamed tights look best on your avatar! You can swap between the mannequin and any of your three toons on that account within the store when previewing vanity items.

Select Overview Preset on D-Scan.Got a capital ships only overview? Want to scan for capital ships in a busy system but don't want to change your overview? A drop down menu on D-Scanner now lets you scan any of your saved overviews without having to change your overview itself.

Wormhole Effects
Visual clues to its stability and where it connects to. TBH I cannot remember what they looked like before and it took me ages to find this one on SiSi. Cannot be bothered to scan one down on TQ as I'm so bad at scanning.

LOD and Space Factory
Changes to how the Client loads graphics in space. Apparently should make grid load faster and pave the way for more stuffz in the future. To be honest I don't really know what they are on about! Assume it doesn't render the ship if you are too far out and then ramps up the resolution as you zoom in.

So for me, better than Hyperion but nothing to get excited about. I love the new cloaking effect but I rarely used cloaked ships. The importing from EFT is nice but how often will you use it? Plus it'll save you only a couple of minutes everytime you have a completely new fit. Nothing there for me to be exciting about. Nothing to really look forward to.

All in all, a bit of tinkering and some graphical changes. Come on CCP. Its time to start dangling a carrot for us bitter vets. We can handle these small updates as long as we have something to look forward to.

On another subject, if you read Monday's post you'll have seen I was going to try flying faction frigates as in the T1's people either ran away or came at me in a faction frigage. How did that work out for me? Not good. Two words - Griffin. Alt. Two more words - Rage. Log.

P.S. Feck it. The gloves are off. If none of these Black Rise Bastards want a 1v1 then I'll happily stoop to their level.

P.P.S Yes Bro, I am mad.

P.P.P.S Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. Isn't the word Grrrrrrrrr copyrighted/trademarked so that it can only be used used in conjunction with the word Goon?

    1. Good point, but he might have been a Goon or Goon Alt!

  2. You obviously didn't count the r's! Grrr Goons! has 3 r's, when he uses quite a few more than that =P

    Besides, shouldn't you be going ARRRRRRG! now since you're full pirate now?

  3. I like the graphical tweaks. The cloaking effect is nice and the Level Of Detail changes could be a really good thing when entering grids with lots of ships and other details.

    What really gets me going though is the split of settings for the Overview and D-Scanner. I've fantasized about this feature for ... ever.