Monday, September 8, 2014

This is an Ex-Faction War Pilot!

So, the squids are defeated, the warzone is quiet and the QCats have left faction war. Its been going downhill for months and whilst my TZ is generally bad, over the summer its been terribad. GMT +4 is farmville. The QCats were generally feeling the same. A mix of lack of wartargets and a generally feeling of "meh" over the state of the game has seen our monthly kill count drop from 5000 a month to under 2000.

So basically we have a new plan which we put into effect at the weekend. We're going to shoot EVERYBODY!

We were already NBSI and most of us were -10. However we'd not shoot Gallente Militia, we'd not go after Matari Militia specifically and we'd not shoot blues. However currently that puts our target pool down a hell of a lot. So we have decided to go full pirate, drop militia and reset our blues.

Of course this is already create some drama with some not getting the memo. Hopefully now the rest of Gallente Militia know we are full pirate. To be honest I don't get the blue-ing thing at the minute. You are in Faction Warfare in Eve Online. That means you are into PvP. We are PvP targets. Why would you want to blue us? We are providing the content you play the game for. If we blued everyone we'd turn low sec into null sec!

I personally voted to leave faction war which was a surprise for me. I've always been a bit fan of fighting for a cause. However, in the last few months its been too much searching for, and chasing for, for a fight.

So two days on and hows it going? Not great for me. Rather than spending time chasing one militias I've been chasing two. I call my TZ Farmerville but this is silly. I keep getting bored and then Leroying my T1 frigate into a faction frigate for shits and giggles. Engaging the cruiser that has neutral logistics. Then there are the "solo" ships. I get so happy finding a 1v1 in similar ships I fail to notice his multiple friends landing from a deep safe and that he is bait tanked. Fail, fail and Leeroy in equal measures.

I need to swap my tactics. I need to be the one flying faction frigates may be? Then again will I get the faction frigates running from me?

I have a few Hookbills and Firetails in my hanger. Should I go get a Worm? With nearly 5m LP for the FDU I could certainly buy a Comet or two.

Yes, I think I'll start derping some faction frigates and see how that works out for me! Stay tuned to see my KB efficiency really plummet!


  1. Worn yes.
    Maybe a Garmur as well? The extra long point and scram range means you got better chance of catching something.

  2. definitely a worm or a garmur - looking for the next grrr post of finding no tatgets at all

  3. Come on out to Catch and join HERO! We have no end of people coming to kill our newbies in everything from single assault frigates to carriers, and we could use experienced pilots!