Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Roamin' Solo, Aiming to Misbehave

OK, I got nothing. Nothing to write about, no motivation for the game. Nothing. Look, I'll do a commentary on my usual roam at this time to show you how boring it is. I mean, nothing can go wrong there can it.....

Log on, everything is quiet. Too quiet. Nisuwa is actually empty! So I jump in a rocket Kestrel and head out into the big black.

Oinasiken is also empty. A popular militia farming system with nobody here. Onto Pyne then!

Seriously? I'm on TQ right? Pynekastoh is empty!

Hurray! Two in Rakapas. Omen on scan. Boo! Other dude must be docked up. Onto Reitsato.

One guy in system, one industrial and a noobship on scan.

Onto Okkamon. Two people on, one is a noob ship 140km off the gate. Other is a Caracal in a medium plex, probably the Ibis' main. Onto Asakai!

This is more like it! 6 in system. No one on scan, I'll pop a plex and give it a few minutes. Doesn't need a few minutes! Atron on scan! He's in. Scram!

11:46:31 Combat Warp scramble attempt from you to Yukirin Ryj [G.L.D](Atron)

He's gone. Stabbed! Two minutes later, Incursus.

20 seconds into fight..... he appears to be gaining range? The dangers of engaging in someones home system I guess!

Pod back to Nis!

Into a Tristan. To Hirri this time! Incursus on scan! D-Scan him down to large compound. Warp, land and watch him run away!

Tristan on short scan..... nope no where near, must be at a safe. What's that on scan now? Woomp! Daredevil on top of me! Nope! So I warp off.

As I land on a stargate I think. Hang on a minute..... a Daredevil.... thats a hybrid/web platform. If I can get right on top of him.... Mmmmmmmmmmm....

I warp to a novice outpost and just as I arrive so does he. 12km off. No good. I spam the acceleration gate and enter. I overheat my neuts and activate my AB.


Here he is. 324m off. I lock, align at him and activate all the things. Got him!

Hell he hurts! Activate the repper! 70% structure and the DPS stops. YES!

Wait! Why is he taking no damage?

YOU ****** IDIOT!!!!!

So I launch my drones (whoops) and they start to eat through him. I'm overheating the repper, reloading the cap booster and pulsing the AB to make sure he doesn't make range. I hear "The capacitor is empty" three times and whilst some of the neuts drop, the scram and AB don't.


He goes down, gf's in local and I scoop the 34m ISK AB. Time to head for home....

Job done!


  1. There's always BRAVE if you're bored! I know sov warfare isnt much your thing but we get solos coming around looking to fight frequently. I popped tbe same guy 2 times in an hour in an Atron the day before yesterday.

  2. Bar, you didn't launch them on purpose just so you could get the flame trail before killing him!

  3. hey, at least he remembered to overheat!

  4. why don't you just join RvB? Plenty of frig and dessy PVP, no links or neutral reppers. Sounds like your cup of tea. You can still go back into FW when things are getting more busy there.