Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Still Got Man Flu - Launcher Not Working For You?

I'm dyyyyyyyyyying! The Man Flu is taking me! Need hot ladies to come round to my place dressed in nurses outfits to mop my fevered brow!

Any takers?



Oh well. Anyway Eve-O had been under DDoS attack for a few weeks. The "network issues" that CCP have been reporting have actually been DDoS attacks, they were calling them "network issues" not to give publicity to the hackers doing the attacks. This was then backfiring as everyone was blaming CCP for the connection drops and not being able to log in. Of course if you visit forums and social media there are the conspiracy theorists who say there is no a DDoS attack and it is network issues. Then again these are the same people who think the world is run by a council of Illuminati and the 'grey aliens'. Of course it isn't.... is it?

These DDoS attacks generally boot you from the game (socket closed) and stop the launcher from connecting.

It would appear that the amount you are affected depends on your country and ISP and thus the route your personal interwebz traffic takes to reach TQ. If you are having trouble and the Eve Online launcher is not working you can always bypass the launcher on those rare occasions.

Go to the CCP/bin folder and look for the exefile.exe. Run that and it'll take you straight into Eve and bypass the launcher.... hopefully. Here is a picture of Explorer....

Damn, sorry wrong one, that was CCP Explorer stolen from Freebooted, this is what I meant, Windows Explorer....

Use that when the launcher is under attack from these hacker dudes. Right, to bed with a mug of hot lemon flu remedy.