Sunday, September 21, 2014

SCASSSS - Eve Probe

Eve Probe was released at the end of last week by CCP. Basically it uses the Eve Online graphics engine to test your system. Detailed (anonymous) data on frame-rates and any crashes is sent back to CCP for analysis allowing them to see how Trinity runs on YOUR rig. Given the tens of thousands of hardware configurations Eve runs on worldwide, this is very useful data for CCP.

It runs five scenarios in a 3DMark styleeeee and gives you a summary whilst sending a detailed report to CCP.

As well as testing your rig, it also installs a screensaver onto your PC. This can be found in your normal Windows screensaver menu

And on three monitors, it is fecking AWESOME!

Note that the screensaver is for you viewing pleasure only. It does NOT run any tests or send any information to CCP.

P.S. Why didn't I link the Eve Probe installer here? Are you insane? Go to the forums and click the Dev posted link yourself. I could link all sorts of virus/trojan infested malware! Where Eve is concerned, be careful! Here is a link to the new sub-forum if your the trusting sort ;)

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  1. My poor rig feels as old as I am... Since I am always running on the lowest settings for PvP, I sometimes forget what a beautiful game this is.