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Abuse of Power

Fiction Friday! Escape pod here if Eve Online Fiction is not your thing.

Its a slightly longer one today. Its not really long enough for a two parter but at 3700 words its longer than my usual target of two and a half. Also adult theme today! You have been warned.

Abuse of Power

Eurnkar sat in the tiny cell. The forcefield containing him into the eight foot by eight foot brig emitted a feint green glow. He held his head in his hands. How could he have been so stupid? He was a drone controller on a Dominix class battleship, part of a brand new crew on the recently constructed starship. During the last engagement he'd launched only four of the drones during a flight change. Five Hobgoblin class combat drones had re-docked but he'd sent out only four Warrior class high-speed intercept drones out in their place. He must have simply not clicked the last button in the sequence correctly and didn't notice as he was too busy ensuing the returning drones were ready for redeployment if needed. He had only noticed the mistake at the end of the battle. The four drones were recalled by the Captain and had docked. Eurnkar thought one must have been destroyed in the fight. Then he'd seen it still in its launch tube, armed and activated, just not launched. Security had appeared a few minutes later and dragged him here to the brig. The Executive Officer had then been down a few hours later. Charges of dereliction of duty and putting the ship at risk were being considered. His wife had been down too but she had not brought their young son. She didn't want him to see his father locked up like this. Eurnkar tapped the padded bench he was sat on with his outstretched finger. One, two, three, four, five times. Why did he not do that properly when it mattered. How could not pressing a button right make him end up in here?


Lalie stood at the door to the office waiting. It eventually opened and she stepped in. Commander Abora was sat behind his desk. He motioned for her to sit as he tapped away at a datapad. She took the seat, sitting up straight as the ships Executive Officer finished off. He finally put the datapad down.

"What can I do for you?" he asked in an authoritative tone.

Lalie took a breathe.

"My husband, Commander. He is not a bad man. He made a mistake. He does not deserve to be locked up."

The XO placed his fingers under his chin as if chewing her words.

"I agree. However it is the Captain's decision not mine. I am simply following orders."

Lalie fought back a tear.

"Is there nothing you can do?" she asked. Her voice almost breaking. "Can I speak to the Captain?"

"No, it is not possible for you to speak to the Captain. Empyrean's never speak to anyone but the XO I'm afraid. Is there anything I can do? Yes, potentially. However you have to look at it from my point of view. Your husband put the ship at risk and our Captain is furious. Why should I put myself into the firing line for him? Why should I risk my career for your husband? I've had this new position for less than a month, why go against my superiors wishes so early on in our professional relationship? What do I get out of it for the risk I would take in supporting him?"

Lalie desperately thought of a reason. For her husband who was not a bad man? For her so she would not be a single mother? For their young son who would miss his father as he grew? She didn't see how any of those reasons would matter to a career starship officer with no family of his own. He was right. The ship and its crew were new. Everyone was looking to make a good impression on their superiors at this time.

"You need to remember that Empyrean's don't really care for our lives. They are immortals and we are nothing more than numbers or statistics along side the ships power output and its CPU rating. Seriously, your husband is lucky to be in that brig. I wouldn't put it past one of these capsuleers to flush a member of crew out of an airlock when they frack up like that one of these days."

Lalie let out a sob. Abora rose from his chair and walked around the desk. He perched himself on the corner of the desk near her.

"So you are saying there is no hope and you won't do anything? There isn't much time left!" she cried.

Abora nodded. It was 13:00 ship time and they were scheduled to dock at a space station at 12:00 next day, a little under 23 hours. In space, the ships Captain had supreme power. He could marry crew, he could jail crew. In war time he could even have them executed. In space they were judge, jury and jailer. However, once docked in a station the laws of the owning empire took over. As they were docking in a Caldari owned station Eurnkar would be transferred to the station's jail and charged in accordance with Caldari State law. Endangering a starship was a big charge especially in the State. It was common knowledge that it carried an almost mandatory 10-year prison sentence. There were no juries in Caldari justice, just a panel of judges. The 10-year sentence was usually carried out with hard labour on an asteroid penal colony. Not many people could cope with that sentence.

"I'm not saying that." Abora said. "What I am saying is that right now I don't see why I should stick my neck out for your husband. However, I am open to you making your case. Who knows, if you make a very, very good case I might change my mind and have him set free. Shall we say dinner tonight in my quarters. 20:00 hours and we'll see how persuasive you are?" he smirked.

Lalie just looked back at him in shock. Did he actually just suggest that?

"Do you mean......"

Abora held his hands up.

"I don't mean anything. I am simply giving you opportunity to convince me to save your husband. I'd be the one taking the risk in speaking to the Captain to ask him to free your husband after being in this job for only a few weeks. You'll need to be very convincing tonight to make me even think of taking that risk." he leaned forward and brushed a strand of hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear. "However if you don't then Eurnkar is going to be cutting raw veldspar from a 'roid for the next 10 years whilst trying to avoid gang-rape in the showers each night. I know it will be difficult for you too, but a very attractive woman like yourself should be able to find gainful employment to support you and your son whilst you wait the decade for him to get out."

Lalie just sat there ready to cry. She fought the tears. She wasn't going to show weakness to this bastard.

"I'm sorry but I need to start my rounds. Was there anything else?"

Lalie was too stunned to reply. She just slowly shook her head.

"Alright then. Until 8pm." he smiled as she stood and slowly walked from his office almost in a trance.


Eurnkar's face lit up as his wife entered the brig. He jumped off the bed and stood by the forcefield.

"How are you?" She asked quietly.

"Well the conversation leaves a lot to be desired" he said sweeping an arm at the empty cell "But I'm OK."

"Eurn....." Lalie's voice trailed off.

"Look, there are things you need to do before we dock. Empty our joint account and put it in your old one. The Caldari could confiscate everything so get it out. Next revert to your maiden name and file for divorce..."

"NO!" She screamed "What are you talking about?"

"Darling. I love you but we need to be sensible. I'm finished. I need to ensure you and Sham will be OK and you need to do these things. By starting divorce now, the tribunal is likely to let you keep the assets."

Lalie started to cry.

"I won't divorce you! I will wait for you!"

"No you won't. We both know it will be me who enters that asteroid penal colony but it won't be me who leaves. He might look like me, he might sound like me, but he won't be me. We all know what happens in those places. Sham needs a father figure, you need a husband. Do not waste a decade of your lives waiting for whatever, if anything of me, survives that place." He said sadly dropping his head.

Lalie finally broke down, started to cry and ran from the brig. The guard behind the desk looked up briefly as she disappeared through the door and went back to his report.

Lalie sat on the bed in their quarters alone. She had asked a friend to look after her son. She didn't want him to see her like this.

They knew the risks in the life they took, especially living on a battleship. However those risks were always measured. On a capsuleer piloted battleship within empire space it was relatively safe. If something went badly wrong there was time to get to the escape pods. They were working on a two-year plan. By that time Eurnkar would have earned enough to keep them going for a long time. Capsuleer crewing paid the best crew rates in New Eden by a magnitude. The problem was people couldn't quit. They loved the money it brought and always did 'just one more tour' until they finally died in a fireball. Not them. They would stick to the two-year plan and then Eurnkar would take a less risky posting and whilst their income would dip, they already had plenty of savings. Now the two-year plan was looking like a ten-year sentence. Her husband was right. He wouldn't be the same man after that sentence. Suicide rates for men released from asteroid penal colonies was through the roof. The media made a constant thing out of it, campaigning for reform. The only suicide rate that was higher was with those still serving their sentence. It was easy to end your life in a hazardous asteroid mine.

She cried more as she thought about the conversation with the XO. Nobody was prepared to save her husband. That sleazy asshole would, for a high price. Whilst he never actually said it out loud she knew what he meant. Could she do that to save her husband? She thought what he would have said if she had told him. "Hi deary hows the cell? Apparently I can make all this go away by sleeping with your boss. You don't mind if I use that Gallente underwear you bought be for Night of the Lovers last year do you?" She knew he'd rather take the ten-year sentence than have the XO blackmail his wife into sleeping with him.

She picked up a photo frame on the side of the bed. The 3D images rotated in a familiar sequence. Their family in happier times. She cried hard for an hour.

Once she had cried out fully she took a deep breath. Decision made. She knew what she had to do. No matter how distasteful she found it, she needed to save her husband and keep her family together. She stood and straightened her clothes before moving to the dressing area. Pulling the top draw open she burrowed through the piles of boring everyday clothes. Finally she saw what she was looking for at the very back. A small shining strap of electric-red satin against expensive black lace. She started to pull the rarely-used articles of clothing out.


Commander Abora looked at himself in the mirror. His dress uniform looked good on him. Just what was needed for tonight's entertainment. The dinner was keeping warm under large silver serving platters. He'd excused the waiting staff and told them they were not needed. He was now all alone, smart in his uniform with a rich meal waiting. He glanced at his watch, 19:55. He knew she'd come, the alternative was too horrid for her he was sure.

A few seconds after his watch showed 20:00 the buzzer to his door went. He paused, smiling. Finally he opened the door. Lalie was stood there in a long black satin evening gown. He'd seen it before, at a ceremonial dinner dance the Captain held for the crew on their first week. That's where he had first noticed her and he'd been waiting for opportunity since that night to have her. He never imagined her husband would make such a massive mistake so quickly into their first tour together. It was fate.

"Lalie, you look divine." Abora said taking her hand and kissing it.

She smiled back weakly as he led her into his quarters. He flicked the "Do not disturb" button on the door controls discretely as she walked past. He pulled out the chair at the dining table and she sat down. As she did the split in her dress opened up. Abora smiled as he saw the lace top of her black stockings, a red satin strap of a suspender belt holding them up. He took his seat.

"I must say I approve of your outfit." he said taking a napkin and folding into his nap. "I do like Gallente lingerie".

"I thought you might." she said, a hint of venom sneaking into her voice.

He tried to make polite small talk as they ate. Rather as he ate and she slowly picked at the food not really interested. The Matari beef fillet was exquisite but she hardly tasted it. She did partake of the Amarrian wine though, steeling herself of what was to come. The short, curt answers she gave to his questions did not make for a flowing conversation and the awkward silence prevailed.

"Look Commander. Shall we just cut to the chase?" she sighed as he inquired if she would like some coffee to finish. "You made it pretty clear the only way I will be able to save my husband is by sleeping with you. So if its all the same to you I'd rather get it all over and done with."

He smiled at her directness, nodded and stood. She watched him walk around the table but she didn't move, she stayed seated and looking ahead. He moved behind her and bent down, kissing the side of her neck. She tilted her head to allow him better access. He continued to kiss her neck as he reached down and ran his hand into the slit of her dress, first gently touching the black lace of her stocking tops and then stroking the silky flesh of her inner thigh.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he whispered in her ear.

She hesitated a second. "Yes." she lied.

With her consent given, his free hand he reached up and started to slowly pull the zipper of her dress down her back.


Commander Abora lay back on his elbow and watched her dress from his bunk with a smile on his face. The white sheet was draped around his waist. She didn't take long to be respectable again. She had kept the stockings and suspenders on at his request. She adjusted the slightly twisted stockings and zipped her dress up and slipped into her shoes.

"I'll head to operations in half an hour and order your husband to be released. I'll deal with our capsuleer when he raises it."

She just nodded. She had said very little since he first unzipped that dress. She had been a willing partner in the events that unfolded, if not really that enthusiastic. He expected as much and whilst the moans, sighs and noises of pleasure she made were clearly forced he didn't really care. She knew she had to perform even if she was not happy doing so. He hoped his hidden camera got some good shots. Another video to add to the library.

"I enjoyed tonight. I hope we can repeat it again some time." he grinned.

Her face flashed with fury but then suddenly softened. He knew that she wanted to scream at him. To call him all the names in New Eden. Saying she might have agreed to the events what occurred but that was to save her husband and she'd never ever touch him again. However, she couldn't say any of it. Not yet. Not until her husband was free. She just had to smile and nod which she did.

As she was finishing dressing the door to his quarters hissed opened. He looked at the open door in curiosity. It should not have done that especially with the do not disturb on. He pulled on his dress pants that were rumpled on the floor next to the bed and stuck his head out of his quarters. All the other doors along the corridor were also open. A few heads of other officers poked out wondering too what was going on. A pinging sound distracted him. He heard it all around. The sound of dozens of datapads going off at the same time echoing down the corridor. A priority e-message. As it wasn't him sending it, so it must be the Captain, the only other who could send such a message. Abora returned inside and picked up his datapad. He saw Lalie already reading hers, her datapad must have been in her clutch bag. She appeared to have a half smile on her face. Abora shrugged and opened the message on his own datapad to see what the Captain thought was so urgent.

10:53 13-1-117
From - The Captain
To - All Crew
Subject - Chain of Command

On a battleship it is important we have a strict chain of command. Lives depend on it. It is also important that those in that chain are respected and trustworthy. Throwing a crewman into the brig, blaming it on the Captain and then using that scenario to blackmail his wife into sleeping with you does not command respect.

"Oh shit!" Abora muttered as he went white, all the colour draining from his face as he realised he was in big trouble. How did the Capsuleer know. Where there cameras in his quarters? Hidden microphones? Did Lalie tell him? If so why did she go through with it? No, the crew have no contact with the Empyrean. There must have been a hidden microphone or something.

Following events overnight the orders below are in force with immediate effect.

1. Drone Technician First Class Eurnkar is to be released from the brig and reinstated immediately.
2. Repair crews should review drone control station B4. They will find a loose connection in the launch controls for tube 5. This is to be repaired immediately.
3. Our Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Commander Hakeem is hereby promoted to the rank of Commander. He is to assume the position of Executive Officer immediately. Please extend your congratulations to an exemplary officer on a well deserved promotion.
4. Commander Abora is hereby stripped of all rank.
5. Mr Abora has no rights on this ship. He is a non-person and therefore no criminal charges can or will be brought against anyone who wrongs him.
6. All doors on the ship are sealed open and the escape pods are disabled.
7. We have an hour before we reach the dock.
8. Happy hunting crew.

Abora turned to Lalie who stood there smiling with her hands on her hips. Crew members stuck together like the officers stuck together the two groups didn't always get on together. There was absolutely no way that right now, throughout this ship that people were not reading that with rage. In fact they were probably already forming gangs together to come for him.

"Help me" he pleaded.

"You know what, right now I don't see why I should stick my neck out for you." she sneared, almost mirroring his own words from earlier that day.

Raised voices could be heard from down the corridor. Shouts and yells growing louder.

"That was quick. They don't sound like officers to me. That sounds very much like an angry mob. We are close to the forward hybrid hardpoints, perhaps gunnery crew?" Lalie stated. "Yes, I think they would be the closest don't you Mr Abora? They could easily be here in 30 seconds."

Abora let out a sob.

"If you excuse me, I'm going to see my husband to beg for forgiveness for what I had to do last night given everyone now knows. I trust you'll remember what you said about what might happen to him on that asteroid penal colony. I got a feeling in a minute you'll be wishing it was you backed in a corner in the showers on that colony rather than being here and taking whats coming for you."

Abora stood open mouthed as she exited the room. She stopped, looked down the corridor. She turned back to face Abora and pointed at him with an outstretched arm. He wondered what she was doing. Then the angry mob charged past her, turning sharply into his quarters, following her directions. He backed against the wall. Space-dogs he'd called them in the past. Career crewers who had served years in deep space. Hardened, tough and currently looking to dole out their version of justice, outraged at the acts committed against one of their own. Each carried a heavy wrench or metal bar. They slowly advanced on him as he dropped to his knees and pathetically begged for forgiveness.

That was the last Lalie saw of him. In fact is was the last they saw of many of the crew. It was hours later after they had been reunited that Eurnkar discovered the equivalent money of ten years of his salary had been deposited into their account. That was the last time they ever set foot on a Capsuleers ship.

The end.


  1. Poetic justice, i love it!

  2. Great story as always Drack, love the happy ending :)