Monday, February 23, 2015

Risk Adverse Bar Stewards

Is it just me, or are low-sec PvP'rs becoming more risk adverse? I seem to be seeing more and more of these guys looking for easy kills with minimum risk. I've had a bad day at work so this is a full bodied whine post. Get some cheese and biscuits and I'll begin.

1. The Faction Vs T1

This is what kicked this blog post off. I was deplexing Hasmijala at the weekend in my trusty Fat Man (Tristan). I got a Federation Navy Comet on scan so aligned out. He entered the plex and I warped to station, jumped into a Republic Fleet Firetail and went back. Soon as he got me on scan....

He left system before I could say WTF. He clearly was roaming looking to gank T1 frigates in plex but was not prepared to take on anything above T1. I was going to be warping into him and he was in a Comet! He could have sat on the warp in, drones out. I was dubious I could take that in a Firetail but was willing to give it a go, but nope!

2. The Slicer

Ah, the ideal ship for the risk-adverse PvP'r. A fast kitey ship with massive GTFO-ability. Orbit at 20km and plink away at your unfortunate target with your crap DPS as you long point them. If they appear to be hurting you even from this range you can simply burn out of point range and warp off. Oh yes, and remember if you've had them tied down for three minutes tickling them and their mates arrive you MUST cry in local about them bringing friends. Ignore the fact that you've been engaging them so long they could have got their back-up to fly freighters through three system in that time. Just cry in local and burn away at speed.

3. The Blob.

I was solo in a plex yesterday in an Algos. I got an Atron on scan. Wouldn't be much of a fight. He didn't come in. A minute later a Cormorant landed. Corm and Atron vs Algos. Worth a try. 2 v 1 could be fun. If the Corm was rail I might have a chance even out numbered. If he was blaster then I'd DIAF. I waited, I waited some more and then waited a bit longer. They were sat on the gate clearly but not coming in? Then my short scan showed they didn't want a 2 v 1....

Cormorant, Atron... and..... AtronAtronAtronAtronIncursusOneIForgot

Once they were 8 v 1 they came in and I left undertaking the Brave Sir Robin Manoeuvre (RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!)

4. The Alts

Either cloaked inside the plex or at a pounce. Usually can be spotted in local by having similar names. Issue is when they are not on scan and the person has had the forethought not to name their characters almost the same. The 1v1 soon becomes a 2v1 early in the fight. Of course killing them both is one of the best things you can do in game.

May be I had a bad weekend? May be I'm just mad, bro given that my PvP was fracked over. Anyone else seeing this? Does no one solo just like a good old 1v1 brawl these days?


  1. Sadly, no.

    When you're solo, they run away because they're afraid you the scout for a gang.

    Unless they decide that you are, in fact, solo. Then they gather their mates and gang you.

    Infinite, cheap clones (free if you don't have a head full of implants), cheap frigates and no one will risk anything.

  2. Its been like this for years. Just larger population so you see people doing these things more often.

  3. I'm not in FW, but how are new immune to dscan recons? I would just camp the fuck out of those nutwits that always wait for backup or don't engage. i thought the whole point of pvp frigates is that you can lose them and not give a fuck?

  4. Think you were just having a bad run. It happens. Examples of Good runs from yesterday:

    Gotta take the good with the bad. And when people start bringing their combat recons on an alt to defend their plexing chars it's time to call a friend and go for the tasty kill.

    - Than

  5. Yeah, it was that way for me when I flew in FW, too. Though I was the guy who ran like a scalded cat every time I saw someone warping in on me. It only really dawned on me after I'd left FW that I'd been flying cheap T1 frigates and I should just have taken every fight that came along.

    I saw loss as a bad thing. Now I wish I had taken all the fights, even the ones where I would have lost badly :)

    Also, it's risk AVERSE, not risk ADVERSE :)

  6. I hear you Bro. That's one of the main reasons I don't play anymore. I just don't have the time or motivation to dedicate to the game to counter 'bad runs' like that. Eve is one of the single greatest games I have ever played.....but I just have no tolerance for that kind of stuff anymore...

  7. I've seen all of this in low-sec, I'm down for 1v1 or 2v1 fights most of the time but it's either got the alt in the griffin cloaked in the plex, or megablob, or the link alt in system... Maybe they ought to nerf FW plex farming to make taking a fight worthwhile...

  8. not being FW I much prefer hunting the guys going after noobs in combat ventures. cant lock them down, but for the ones sitting on sisters epic arc undocks flagged looking for dumb targets.... the instalocking gilla flying faction ammo pops em before they can use that stab of theirs

    Then again I am a risk averse highsec bear. Though considering I can now fly blops, and nearly into carriers etc it may be time to move.

  9. You want 1 v 1? Head to Sisi, or start lobbying CCP to create a module that creates a temporary arena. Imagine an area in high sec (likely the simplest for logistics and exploitation avoidance). This module would spawn a mini bubble in space that allows exactly 2 ships into it, and disappears after a max of 5 minutes. And yes, there are a ton of ways this could be exploited by anti-PvP'er's, gankers, asshats etc. But the module could be tied to the dueling system to mitigate some of them.

  10. also when deciding to leave an 8v1 fight it isn't running away, it is a tactical retreat while facing overwhelming firepower.