Monday, February 16, 2015

Who Are The Drifters?

So we know the Drifters are Jove-like but with more implants and technological modifications rather than their traditional bio modifications. Their technology is on a par with Jove (a battleship that hits you for 250,000 omni damage) and their scanning beams are the same as the Seekers (which are a race that split from the Jove). 

During my runs in the last few days I've been listening to the Hydrostatic lore panel. My god, I thought I was a Eve geek! Compared to those guys I know nothing... however thats not going to stop me speculating on here and stealing some of their ideas!If you have two hours here it is and forget the rest of this post as they say it a lot better than I could:-

So taking in a few of their theories and some of my own ideas I think there are a few possibilities who these Drifter dudes are...

1. They are the third Jovian bloodline
Whilst all the races had three bloodlines the Jove only had two when they were in-game as a race. Are the Drifters the third Jove bloodline? Have they been hiding for centuries and not revealing themselves.

2. They are not Jove-like, they ARE the Jove.
We've not seen the Jove for years. Whose to say these are not the Jove who over the last few years have been working with implants to stave off the Jovian disease? Why call them Drifters? Well the big boom in Jove space may have destroyed pretty much most of the Jove and their home. The Jove are now homeless. The Jove are now Drifters?

3. They are the Modern Day Talocan
The Talocan are an ancient race of humans. Evidence of their existence can be found all over wormhole space. Did the race die out? Or did they move? We have no idea where Wormhole space is in relation to New Eden. The new 100 systems including Thera shows we know bugger all about space and wormholes. What if the Talocan simply moved to another wormhole cluster we have not discovered yet. Caroline's Star going pop has brought them back to see WTF is going on here.

4. They are Unsleepy Sleepers
These guys could be Sleepers who have left their cryo tube and the AI construct in which they live in and have come to normal space to see whats up. A massive explosion in their brothers and sisters space means they have woken up. Not a massive stretch to think you cannot call a Sleeper who isn't sleeping a Sleeper (OK now MY head hurts). Simply - Drifters are Sleepers who are awake in normal space drifting about.

They are probably more but those are the best possibilities. Why are they here? Time will tell.

The best explanation I have heard is the one right at the end of the lore panel said by Anteovnuecci I think. Something along the lines of The Other (the AI construct that escaped the Sleeper AI realm and got into the Amarr Empress' head during clone transfer) is now a massive threat to the Sleepers. The Sansha destroyed the Jove's Dyson Sphere or a star or something (hence Caroline's Star) perhaps with the help/under the control of the Other(s). The remnants of the Jove are banding together with the Sleepers and the Drifters to counter the threat of the Other(s). However the threat is a big problem as of right now its the Amarr and the biggest military force in New Eden. This is before you think that if the Amarr say the Jove/Drifters/Sleepers are the threat all of New Eden, will everyone join forces as they are more likely to believe the Empress than these Sleepers/Drifters/Jove/Badgers.

We do know things are about to change.

- Guristas are going to 'invent' cloning from range (Eve Valerye)
- Immortal Soldiers are about to change (DUST514 to Legion)
- Capsuleers are going to get stargate technology.

And who better to give all that than the Jove?

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  1. We do know some about parts of wormhole space, as in where in game it exists. several years ago a project was started to use a now disabled function of starbases to get a rough estimate. In the past in part of the starbase control interface it would list the distance to other towers owned by the same corp. This could be used along with 4 towers in K space to roughly triangulate the location of a tower placed in W-space. Some of this was completed before the function was disabled by CCP. Cant get to the data at the moment from work, but It is there.