Monday, February 9, 2015

Drifter Battleship = Nasty

As I posted in yesterdays short, the Drifter battleship is on the test server, and its nasty!

Spawning at the Unidentified Wormholes that can be found in systems with Unidentified Structures they appear to be guarding the data transmitters. I assume these Unidentified Structures are gathering data and the structures at the wormhole are sending that data through to wormhole space. Some have said they have seen Drifters at the Unidentified Structure but I've only seen the Seekers there so far.

Anyway, onto these BS. When you target one you'll find its shield bar is blue!

If you shoot that, it'll start shooting back. Hard. 1-4k per hit is normal. They are well armed.

Once the blue shield is down it fires off a target breaker so you will lose lock at this point. Once you are through its regular shields (cannot remember if after the blue shield there is more) then is gets pissed.

Its 'super weapon' hits hard. I'm talking 30-50k in one hit and thats just what I've experienced. Others have said up to 88k. I tried a well fit Vindicator. That was one-shotted by the super weapon. Sorry about the resolution below but that was a single volley at 38k and something. As you can see the Drifter BS are also very keen on this scanning lark too.

Next I tried a dual plated Kronos in bastion mode with T2 Trimarks and a high-grade Slave set. A 50k volley moved me from Bastion mode into capsule mode. I logged on the next day and built a 250,000 EHP Navy Apocalypse. A ship so tanky that surely it can withstand the Drifter 'superweapon'.

Undocked to try it out.....

.... and the Unidentified Wormhole sites and the Drifter BS appears to have stopped spawning since Saturday night.

Anyway I've used the time until they return to build a Drifter killing Archon. 1k dps and 2.2m EHP. Come on you Sleeper/Jove asshats.... where are you now....... I'm waiting for you......


  1. I don't understand the point of such a supership NPC. Is it going to be a very high ISK / Concord payout, only that can be taken down by Carriers and Dreads, hence something for only a low sec / null sec payout? If that is the case, why are these structures showing up in high sec still. I realize that we are talking the Sisi server, but why would CCP have these structures and ships in high sec right now at all?

    That being said, I welcome the day when a fleet of these pop out of a wh in goon's prime system and starts laying siege to their station....... Now THAT is when user - based occupancy becomes a real thing.

  2. These things assaulting Goons?

    You are funny.

    Gianturco will *NEVER* allow Petursson's boys and girls to do such a thing to his children.

    You forget who really owns this game, silly rabbit.

  3. Drackarn, what was the damage type? I wonder if EWAR would have an impact, either through complete ECM or TD. If these things will similarly happen in hi-sec, then it would require a fleet comp similar to an Incursion. 38k will smash through logi. It is a pity that neuts/nos have zero effect on NPC.

    Finally an effective use of the target breaker, I have yet to hear of a player claiming successful use of these.

  4. @Easy Esky: According to datamining the 'superweapon' deals all 4 types of damage with 125,000 damage for a total of 500,000 damage alpha. A rokh was able to prevent the drifter battleship to shoot his 'superweapon' or any other weapon system, ECM should be an option to fight them (and make ECM ships usefull and needed in PvE). There is a report of a oneshotted Tengu where the pilot claims he was orbitting with 700m/s+ speed, TD might not have a significant benefit.

  5. A Drifter BS hit a Nyx with 750k per DD, I was ready to die. And now check this out:
    They are able to RF a Tower and also finish it. So hide in a Pos will be the end of it. The loot is worth about 60mio isk but no one buy that loot cause there is no use for it. Best is, keep ure fingers away from Drifter or u will end in a capsule or in a station.