Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cockbag Svipul?

Its going to cause target callers a headache when they try to pronounce it, but the Svipul is coming to TQ this month. The T3 Minmatar Destroyer is like the Confessor. It has three modes Defensive, Propulsion and Sharpshooter. Sharpshooter mode being the one the interests me the most currently. It also goes quite a bit vertical!

One of my favorite ships is the Cockbag Thrasher. A glass-cannon, max DPS, zero tank, balls deep, instalocking destroyer. Sit on a gate, wait for a war target to jump in. KAABOOOOOM and the Frog is gone!

Here are the important stats of my Cockbag Thrasher (level 5):-

DPS - 323 with tracking speed of 0.12 rads/sec
Alpha - 2026 (6.27 seconds)
Range - 11-22km
Scan Res - 2011
EHP - 2783

These stats are from SiSi so I think they will include the small artillery balance of +10% damage and -3% tracking which we will see in Tiamat.

So, given the Svipul has a sharpshooter mode and more slots to add more stuffz, can a Cockbag Svipul be even better than the Thrasher?

One thing to remember will be price. A Cockbag Thrasher will set you back 12m ISK. If the Svipul is going to (eventually) cost around the same as a Confessor you are looking at 75m ISK.

Here is my first example of a Cockbag fit:-

Highs - 5 x 280mm T2 Arty
Meds - Long point, Target Painter and two SeBo with scan res
Lows - 3 x Gryo, 1 Tracking Enhancer
Rigs - 2 x scan res, 1 x Projectile RoF

This will give you in Sharpshooter mode (at level 4 skills):-

DPS - 359 with tracking speed of 0.11 rads/sec*
Alpha - 2056 (5.7 seconds)*
Range - 11-24km
Scan Res - 2686**
EHP - 3101

*Still have 1 level to train so there will be +10% to the base numbers at Minmatar Tactical Destroyer level V.

**Scan res above 2.5k isn't helping a lot. It becomes more about server ticks and lag at this level. You are not going to see much difference in real life above this.

Also the Svipul fit has a target painter meaning you have a better hit chance than the Thrasher.

Looking at the Svipul there are more options for your Cockbag. You could fit some tank. Then again you don't really want to be taking damage in a Cockbag. A web rather than a TP might be an option. Overheat or use a booster to extend the range and web your target to stop it getting under your guns or burning away. You could also look at dropping the T2 point and fitting a meta which would allow a tracking computer with range script that gives 0.15 rad/sec. To be honest, not sure if tracking is going to be that important at this level. No.

Forget the tracking computer. Lets go back to target painter, drop it to a meta and fit a T2 light missile launcher with some Fury missiles. Your damage increases to 377dps* and your 2056* alpha will be followed up with a 160 damage (if using Fury missiles) some two seconds later when the missile finally hits. Yeah, I think this is the one.

Highs - 5 x 280mm T2 Arty, 1 x T2 LML
Meds - Long point, Meta Target Painter and two T2 SeBo with scan res
Lows - 3 x Gryo, 1 TE
Rigs - 2 x scan res, 1 x Projectile RoF

At level 4 this gives the following stats:-

DPS - 377 with tracking speed of 0.11 rads/sec*
Alpha - 2056* (every 5.7 seconds unheated) plus 160 damage <2 seconds later.
Range - 11-24km
Scan Res - 2686**
EHP - 3101

So basically the Svipul will hit harder and faster (remember 25% reduction to overheating damage at level 5 - RoF is down to 4.87 seconds if overheated) and tracks a lot better. It also has a target painter giving your target a bigger sig to hit harder.


  1. I live in null rather than low (so the thrasher, which we call an instathrasher, is used to catch interceptors) and the thing I'd most want for that fourth slot is a prop mod in case I have to get out of a bubble. Since I haven't played with it on sisi yet, how's the fitting for jamming a MWD on? Do you need to use an ACR for that?

    Also, yeah, 2500 scan res is pretty much good enough for anything. I use a roughly 2200 scan res instathrasher with the sebos overheated, and it'll catch anything that doesn't servertick you.

  2. Shocking part is that cost of the T3 destroyers is actually in the same ballpark as the Assault Frigates.

    Hoenstly, the AF class really are now a red-haired step-child. As you mentioned in the post yesterday, the tactical destroyers can go anywhere and do anything the AF's can do, but they can do it better.

    The only thing I see that they will not be good at would be drones or ewar. But, that has never been their role, except for the Algos. It will be interesting to see how CCP handle the Gallente version.