Monday, May 18, 2015

Burnt by a Burner

A set of new Burner missions has been uploaded to SiSi. Whilst I haven't level 4'd for years and years (other than to get some screenshots of a specific thing) I thought I'd give them a try. I was in my Jackdaw so thought I'd try that.

Obviously its a MMO mission/quest so I never read the text. Accept the mission, look at the destination system and undock.

I warp into the room from an acceleration gate to a point where there are approximately ZOMGHOWMANY turrets and three ships. They drop you right in the middle of these 10km range turrets. 

Right, the ships are 200km and in Talos so if... ouch! OUCH! HEY! Boom.

My slight delay in assessing the situation puts me in my pod as the three sniper Talos' spank me. OK, lesson 1. Don't stay still. I refit to a 10mn Confessor. Heading back in that works a lot better and speed tanks their terribad tracking. They use remote sensor dampeners so you need to get close. This is not a problem in the speedy Confessor. Only issue is my fit was not enough DPS to break their active reps. Time to try something else.

A 100mn Navy Hurricane will have the DPS to kill it.
A 100mn Navy Hurricane has the sig radius of a small moon and hence dies enroute to the first Talos.

A Cynabal is fast! That will get there.
A Cynabal IS fast, just not fast enough.

So next idea. HACs! With their 50% reduction to MWD penalty they make covering that 200km a bit less "deathy".

The Vagabond gets to the first Burner and puts him into structure before dying to the other two.

On Twitter it is suggested that a Deimos is a good option. So I go for one of those. Take the first one of the three down but die to the other two.

By now I'm surprised I've not given up.

Another suggestion from Twitter was a Worm. I try a Worm.....

The 10mn rocket Worm does the trick. I do not get hit a single time, not one shot landed on me. I could have dropped my two hardeners and ASB and just gone full gank. Would certainly have been quicker. So what did I learn from this mission?

60m Jackdaw Dead
60m Confessor Didn't Work
100m Hurricane Dead
200m Vagabond Dead
200m Deimos Dead
A 10mn, 300DPS Worm didn't get scratched and killed them all.

Technically I lost 600m ISK in doing that one mission. I received 1.9m ISK reward and 7,500 LP which is equal to one and a half basic implants from the LP store. They sell for 10m each so 15m in total minus the 7.5m ISK for purchasing them gives a potential profit of 7.5m ISK from the LP.

So I made just under 10m ISK from that mission for 600m ISK lost.

Oh wait.... I wonder if there was any loot drop? Oh bollocks!

P.S. Thanks to Suitonia for the heads up about the worm!

P.P.S. Oh CCP, if you die in an attempt and leave a drone, when you come back the NPC's switch to the old drone and shoot at that for a while (and are unable to hit it so takes DPS away from the player).

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