Monday, May 25, 2015

Gleaned Information

If you grab yourself an Entosis Link and go and fire it at one of the Jove Observatories you will receive some "Gleaned Information". This is "stuffz" that the Jove have been collecting on us for a long, long time. The oldest found appears to reference the formation of the Gallente Federation hundreds of years ago. The newest is only a couple of months ago.

Some of it is completely meaningless such as gem from 2008 our time:-

YC110 - "Thanks sweetie, but that's all right. I'll only be a few minutes.".

Seriously? The Jove are monitoring us that closely? However there are more sinister examples that will feed 'tinfoil hatters' for years. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th in the 1st item I received below are interesting! Are we in "The Matrix"? Are we a biological computer like from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and about to reveal the ultimate question? Are CCP pissing themselves as we theorise this stuff they just made up for a laugh (see Re-Tweet style in example 3 YC111)!

Have a read if you cannot be bothered yourself to glean some information from the Jove. These are just a few examples of what you can read when extracting from the Jove Observatory's libraries.

1st Example

YC105-5-29 - So fragile, these minds. So fleeting, their crimes.
YC106-12-20 - Step One: Build a Better Ant.
YC107-09-15 - Step Two: Kick over The Ant Hill.
YC108-09-26 - Step Three: Assess.
YC109-06-23 - Models indicate that virions have spread beyond those five systems.
YC110-06-10 - Step Four: Reiterate.
YC111-03-10 - 'Defect-mediated turbulence'?
YC112-12-13 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Infiltration Disclosure. Subtype: Wedge Mirror. Actor: True Power. Targeted Interstice: CONCORD - Capsuleer Cohort. Motivation:...
YC113-07-07 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Resource Shift. Subtype: Need Further Data. Actor: Need Further Data. Targeted Interstice: 4 Potentials. 1)... 
YC114-05-14 - They are not yet acknowledging the pattern.
YC115-03-22 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Apoptosis...
YC116-01-01 - Disruption Event Identified. Type: Cathexis...
YC117-01-12 - They could not predict this?
YC111 - Capsuleer espionage detected. 
YC108 - 'Titan' class vessel detected. Receiving data.
YC112 - Sansha activity registered.
YC107 - Destination: Vak'Atioth.
YC110 - "Thanks sweetie, but that's all right. I'll only be a few minutes." 
YC105 - Location: Rethan. Class: Yacht. Maker: Viziam.

2nd Example

23121-09-11 - Updated Gallente status provides a model for social cohesion. Suggest further observations are shared with Modifier enclaves.
23146-05-20 - Azbel-Wuthrich experiment has been a success. Planetary communications reveal the message as “:-)”
23154-12-12 - Randomized sweeps of recently seceded Caldari communications indicate that alternative source for model of social cohesion will be increasingly defined by opposition to Gallente model. Schism becoming pronounced. Threshold for constructive comparison of existing conditions approaching.
23194-02-01 - Gallente have created an agency known as The Scope for the dissemination of information across Empires. Suggest that this network be monitored. Potential to extrapolate prototype for impartial communication between disparate enclaves.
23216-06-06 - In position at Diemnon Planetesimal. Collating system scans. Source of burst unidentified. Team dispatched. Alert still in effect.
YC11-03-11 - Life sign detected aboard the ship. Contrary to intelligence gather by Villore observatory, vessel not destroyed. Remaining in Ouperia to monitor.

3rd Example 

YC37-09-01 - CONCORD Resolution D/912/37 passes with unilateral support from all five empires.
YC44-06-03 - Preliminary forecast: Cohort 'EOM' casualty causation: est 78,944,293,285. Action advisory: Continued observation, Non-interference.
YC104-12-09 - Preliminary forecast: Cohort 'SN' resurgence likelihood: 96.44% Action advisory: Continued observation, Non-interference.
YC106-03-22 - Advanced materials technology saturation at threshold. Implement stage two technology surveillance.
YC106-11-17 - Capsuleer cohort tracking system implemented. Receiving data.
YC111-02-06 - Catastrophic collapse of Cohort 632866070. Cascade effect tracking algorithm active. Capsuleer Cohort vulnerability documented for further analysis.
YC111-03-27 - Fullerene technology saturation at threshold. Implement stage three technology surveillance.
YC113-03-18 - Alert: Intercept of encrypted traffic [source Imperial-Internal] reference keywords 'analysis, implant, recovered, subject, body'. Inferred keywords: autopsy, Anoikis, sleeper, breakthrough, disease
YC114-03-20 - New research data collated. Source: Eram spider. Create new index.
YC117-02-09 - Cloaking system failure. Proximity alert. Initiate system shutdown.

EDIT - Rhavas and the uber-nerds at Hydrostatic Pod Cast are well on the case of this. I love those guys. Always show me that I'm not that massive a nerd as I think sometimes :)

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