Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Into an Unidentified Wormhole!

So late on Wednesday a Reddit user pointed out on SiSi you can now enter the unidentified wormholes that spawn in systems with Jove observatories.

I ended in J174618.

I visited a Sleeper Engineering Station. These new? These been around since WH space? I have no idea! I know nothing about this sh.....

I visited a site called "Redoubt". Sleeper data structures around an acceleration gate.

Which led to... a Sleeper Enclave with two more gates and 5 Sleepers and a Redoubt Rift and a... seriously? A monolith???

The gate I chose led me to a Redoubt Beta Access Unit. That was bigger! Another rift here that also has the same icon as an acceleration gate, of which there is another.

More Sleeper structures and a named acceleration gate. "Redoubt Alpha Transfer"

I get to the gate, its locked and the big old Sleepers here open up on me! Time to leave!

I went back and tested one of those Rifts with the acceleration gate icon.

Simply warped me back to the first acceleration gate at the "Redoubt". As I was leaving someone decided to fight the Sleepers in the first room.

I visit other sites in system. Really don't know what I'm doing in WH space TBH!

There were two other unidentified signatures. One was Wormhole D382 which people were saying in local led to C2 WH space and an "Unidentified Wormhole" which.... well.... wasn't actually there. Just a placeholder beacon. 

So there you go. A quick tour of what is the other side of an Unidentified Wormhole by a tired Englishman who knows sweet FA about wormhole space. Its well past my bedtime. Oh well, only work tomorrow!

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