Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More Burner Burning

I thought I'd try the new Angel burner mission. I was hearing reports it was a bit hard. Having killed 600m ISK of ships on the Seprentis Battlecruiser one, I fancied trying my hand against some smaller Burners.

I was already in the Worm that had walked the last one I tried so went to Amarr space in that. This time I read the mission briefing. OK, clone soldier transport protected by Dramiels. No problem! This worm I have head was awesome in the last one. Undock, warp, jump, warp, jump, warp, activate acceleration gate and....

Four very nasty Dramiels with small sigs, fast close orbits and a distinct dislike for drones. Here we go again I thought as I podded back to the nearest 100 ISK station. I checked the biggest thing I could take in via the mission text which was a battlecruiser. OK, I need a BC that can tank like a MoFo, doesn't rely on drones at all and can spank small, maneuverable ships on a fast close orbit.

Navy Drake.

Rapid light missile launchers with precision missiles (found these work the best)

10mn AB
Twin large ASB with Navy 150's
Booster Amp
EM hardener


CPU rig
Two extender rigs.

Strong Blue Pill.
Crystal set and missile implants.

5 Warriors

Mission was a breeze. Obviously that's an expensive set up for a mission thats going to get you a couple of million ISK and some LP. Probably overkill, but hey, after the last one I was happy to complete it on the second attempt.

Decided to try some other fun ways. How about a disco ship? Lets amp up the voltage on the Drake and swap those missile launchers for smart bombs for shits and giggles science....

Stick with RLML boys and girls and don't try to be clever!


  1. It is one thing to blow scads of coin to shoot NPC's that you can control their appearance (null sec anom's, L4's, Incursions) where you can recover your cost in a controllable manner, It is quite another to set down a huge chunk for missions that appear very irregularly (plus you need a different expensive ship for each one), where your payback might take months, even years.

    These burner missions may be fun on Sisi, but I bet the vast , vast majority of players skip them on TQ, based on the cost / benefit.

    Now, if CCP created Burner agents who dished these out exclusively, that is another matter. But doing so would utterly collapse the LP based item markets.

    1. you forget one thing... people who do lots of L4's have coin to blow. as one of those individuals who runs a faction fit nestor, and a 6bil isk rattlesnake (along with building a Charon and bowhead "for fun") I can attest to the fact that ROI isn't always the point. Sure if missions are you means to a PVP end then yeah chunking out that much isk for something that is a bit of a hanger queen makes no sense, but if you actually like the relaxing nature of missions (face talking things like Angles extravaganza bonus room and worlds collide is fun and relaxing) its a way to spend my isk that doesn't involve getting a carrier that while I can fly I will probably seldom use