Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Leaving... on a Boeing 777

Its that time of the year again for the "other" holiday. My Spring vacation is Fanfest and return to the UK to do the family thing either side of important internet spaceship stuffz. In order to pacify the Eve Widow and so that I do not instantaneously combust with stress, the second holiday is a relaxing beach holiday. Over the next two weeks it's going to be chilling somewhere less warm (as in it'll be low 30's rather than Middle East 40's) with scuba diving and lounging in the pool with a swim up bar.

Fiction Friday's will continue as I've finished off the last two posts of From the Ashes. The Blog Banter for September will go live on Monday with my own post on Wednesday. Plus a few other short random posts if I have the time!

Fly deadly and I'll be back in a couple of weeks 



  1. Where are you going for your (dive) vacation?
    Spent the last week of July in Egypt. 6 days diving, 24 dives, 3-6 dives/day, longest was 2 hours, over 25 hours underwater total.
    Not as if there was much else to do at location.

    1. Bali! Hoping for some Mola Mola action! (Unlikely to be that lucky but you can dream right!)