Sunday, September 6, 2015

SCASSSS - A Shout Out for a Mate

It's been a journey to get here. 'Here' of course being a massive Eve Online Nerd. Before Eve-O my MMORPG was Warhammer Online. Before that it was Age of Conan. Before that, I am shamed to admit, World of Warcraft. Before that was the excellent Star Wars Galaxies. And before, all the way back in 1999, there was Everquest. Everquest was because of Steve!

Yes, Steve has a lot to answer for. He got me into DnD back in the 80's, he introduced me to MMO's, he was the cause of me being utter gazebo'd on peach schnapps and cider, unconscious in a field in the English Countryside with a blacked-up face during my brief LARP'ing days some two decades ago. I am sure there are other things I can blame him for! Mostly it was PC gaming. It was back in the 90's I'd pick Steve up from his work in my battered old car, we'd pop around to pick his PC up and bring it around to mine. We'd connect our rigs together with the old 10BASE2 network cables. Remember them with the T pieces and end terminators? Total Annihilation, one of the best RTS games ever! Gamers of today don't know they're born with their one-click multiplayer. In my day you had to physically work for it!

After a few years out of touch after I moved away we have recently become re-aquainted. In that time Steve has left the world of supermarket management and now runs his own RPG/Tabletop gaming online shop. So if you are in dire need of a box of D20's or the DnD Next Dungeon Masters Guide or even a zombie based monopoly board game, head over there to Battle Forge Games!

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  1. Total Annihilation, the best RTS games ever!
    Fixed that for ya!

    20 years on and I'm still searching for the game that can replicate the coolness of TA. SupCom and FA were good, Spring was meh. I live in hope.

    Got any reccomendations?