Monday, September 7, 2015

What Did They Mean By That?

I was talking over the weekend about Fanfest and was asked what Dev's I'd ever spoken to there. I listed a few I've chatted with and the guy was surprised that so many high-profile Dev's which you see on the videos and Dev Blogs are so accessible at Fanfest. Not sure what he was expecting? CCP Seagull surrounded by a personal protection detail? CCP Fozzie having more entourage than Kanye West? Anyway I explained it to him and that the Dev's are amazingly accessible if a little popular at times. 

Hopefully that Fanfest Virgin will pop his cherry next year and see for himself. I did thoroughly recommend the trip to Fanfest.

One follow up question was what was my most memorable chat with a Dev ever? Last Fanfest I had a great chat with CCP Explorer at the charity dinner. Also had a great one with CCP Seagull at the Party on Top of the World. Over the years had plenty of great chats with Devs. Which one stands out?

Thinking about that, one clearly stands out in my mind. However it wasn't a chat. It was one line, and I never utter a word in reply.

It was one evening a couple of years ago at Fanfest. I was stood at the bar in the Celtic Cross chatting with some other Eve nerds. Two Dev's entered the Cross and come over. As far as I could tell they didn't know any of the group, they just wanted a beer from the bar and to say 'Hi!'. Anyway one of the two goes down the line inspecting our badges to see who we are. They don't really say anything, until they get to me. The person looks down at my badge, looks up at me and says.....

"Oh. We know who YOU are!" and moves on to the next in line.

I'm too stunned to say anything because all I can think is "What the hell did they mean by THAT?".

I'm not space-famous. I'm no Rixx Javix or Sindel Pellion. Put me in a line-up and there is no way that any Eve-O Dev could ever pick me out. This crappy little blog also is unlikely to attract any real attention. So what did that Dev mean by that? All I could think was "Uh oh. What did I do?"

To this day I still don't know. I assume it may have been because of one of my infrequent ragey type posts that perhaps upset them? Maybe I strongly disagreed with something they were involved with in game. I have limit recollection of most of the Parties on Top of the World, but pretty sure I have never upset anyone there! Or maybe it's just my crap fiction? Whatever it was, I still think it was not a good "Oh. We know who YOU are!".

So there you are. My most memorable "chat" with a Dev was a single line that left me stood there looking shocked and confused!


  1. How do you now they weren't just trolling you?

  2. That is awesome. We shall get to the bottom of this mystery next year!

  3. Mint write up's... a good read keep at it :) ill be looking out for them.i. future o7