Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sandbox in the Sandpit

Just a reminder that we're having an Eve Online player meetup in Dubai on Friday the 30th October at Nelson's Pub in the Media Rotana Hotel from 6pm.

Its an informal thing. A few Eve Online players meeting and having a drink and a general geek up. The nice people over at Eve Bet are donating some 100m ISK vouchers for all who turn up and also faction cruisers for the first 10. They'll be a couple of PLEX going as well. Really need to poke CCP Guard and see if he can send us anything too! Some in-game codes would be nice right? Pirate Rookie ships are cool right?

There have been about a dozen people showing an interest however I have no idea how many will turn up. There will be at least three as I'll be dragging the "Grrrrrrrrrrrr Goon" from work with me and the wife will be there too!

Hope to see you there if you are in the area!

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