Sunday, September 20, 2015

SCASSSS - Talking Eve

For this Sunday Short I'd just like to tell you about a time talking about Eve nearly got me into trouble.

I was on my usual packed commuter train going home six or seven years ago. It was rammed and standing room only. My in-game CEO had called me and we were discussing a certain individual in the opposing faction who had been mouthing off. I gave my opinion on the gob-shite...

"Look mate its simple, we just hunt him down and we kill him!"

At that point I note that the entire train carriage has gone deadly quiet and everyone is looking at me. I quickly followed up with:-

"And that's what happens when you mouth-off in the online video game Eve Online."

I didn't get arrested but always wondered if Eve got any new players from that train carriage that night!


  1. Nowadays all it would take is a sanctimonious police officer to overhear and you'd end up in custody with people tut tutting your behaviour, even after having it explained. Outside of such an obvious misunderstanding, EVE conversations in general can sound alien to non-players. It is a different world.

  2. I've often wondered how many Eve players are on gov watchlists due to the weapon-shipping, drug-making, insurance-defrauding, and general violence keywords in our blogs, emails, and social media. Or perhaps if enough MMO players are in security sevices that they've learned to clean those out. On the other hand, I remember allegations/concerns about the use of MMO channels to conceal the endpoints of evil-doer communications.

    1. Actually I know someone who did have the cops called on him. He was a booster producer and played Eve in his "Man shed". A neighbor overheard a TS convo and a couple of Bobbies came around to ask him some questions :)