Monday, April 4, 2016

A Quick Look at Citadel Release Carriers!

I jumped my Triage alt onto SiSi today to have a look at the new Force Auxiliaries that are on there. I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about fitting but some simple stats with T2 modules included EHP of 1.5m with a capital repper doing about 2k a second in reps. Optimal range with the armour repper is 58k again doing 2k per second ish. The new capital cap injectors are 3,200 per 12 seconds. The new capital mods are interesting. 25000mm plates!

Yeah so that's one of the four new massive new space priests! Not that I'm really bothered with that repping lark. Lets have a look at something that does some proper pew-pew! Let's try this new fighter thingy! OK, buy an Archon..... OK. This is very different! Fighter hanger. Oh those ones don't fit, too fat for the launch tube! OK load the other two launch tubes with these and undock. Whey hey!

First off you load your fighters into the tubes in the new fighter hanger thingy!

Then you realise heavies don't work and say whatever. You then need to launch them and.... how the smeg do I control my fighters???? Google? Ahhhhh this button here I didn't see!

So now I have control, lets get the alt in so I can shoot her in the face. Lock her up and I have a squadron of light fighters and a squadron of support fighters. That button above that removes the icons for your hi/mids/lows and replaces them with the fighter controls here:-

I can now tell my fighters to attack in the same way as pressing F1. And attack they do! After a bit of a flight over of course! That MWD ability sped up the attack fighters a lot leaving the support behind!

PEW! PEW! PEW! You can use the special abilities such as the missiles (limited number and only cycle once per click) or the tackle... whoops, error box. OK so you cannot tackle just yet! However I got to say, my first quick use of the new fighter system was enjoyable!


  1. 25km plates?!! Shurely shome mishtake!

    1. My mistake, that's only the Minmatar FA. You can strap a few Ragnarok's to the sides to get that 25km plates :P

    2. Bring plenty of duct tape... :D

    3. And I see CCP are still happily following the 'let's make our user interfaces REALLY AWKWARD' school of design.

      It was only after reading your post here (and lookin' at the pictures ofc) that I finally got some fighters launched.

      Tiny, non-obvious icons ftw!

    4. I found about the button on Redit after swearing at my Archon for 20 minutes!

    5. Remember to press 'm' to get the move commands initially working!