Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fanfest 2016 - Day 1 Highlights

Breakfast. Walk off the breakfast. Register at Harpa. Go!

Silent auction this year is mostly artwork with some leftover server blades. No pens at the shop! Generally stalls appear light this year. Main shop, make-up/hair and Razor stall. Shop is mostly books and clothes but have some super new models going!



These are my brief TL;DR notes from day 1. Want the full scoop, go watch the recordings on Twitch. Want the brief highlights (that I personally thought interesting/important), here you go...

CCP and Eve are both doing well. February was CCP's best ever month for income. World of Darkness IP has been passed on. Lots of recapping and everything is going well.

Cool Rooks and Kings video:-

We know DUST514 is closing but Project Nova is replacing it... eventually. Unreal Engine 4 and like DUST514 F2P. I'll try and play it over the weekend.

Valkyrie to be cross platform over all three headsets Rift/HTC Vive/PlaystationVR. New game mode Carrier Assault. Take down the fighters, enemy carrier shields, defence turrets and then do a "Death Star" style trench run to take out its reactor. YouTube video here as Blogger can be a PITA!

Project Arena is the iteration of the VR fireball/disk game we saw last year. E-Sport that is actually a sport. Here are two Eve players "Tron-ing" it out! Throw disks what bounce of the wall at the other guy!

Eve Keynote
Hosted by Seagull. Started off looking at current events like World War Bee and Succession Trials. Had a video looking back at whats been added to Eve since last Fanfest (Spoiler alert - lots).

CCP Quant came on with graph porn. 15% of all loses are to NPCs apparently! 14 trillion ISK lost in World War Bee since 1st March.

Before February, on average, 16 trillion was bought and sold daily. When skill injectors were introduced that spiked to 81 trillion on the day and has now settled back down to 27 trillion a day! With new hardware they have been able to calculate all wealth and assets in New Eden.

3070 trillion in total. 67T in WH space, 518T in Low Sec, 785T in Null Sec (25% NPC Null) and 467 just in Jita 4-4 station!

Then onto CSM. No Joffy :( Also turn-out was poor but expected.

"Capsuleer Day" is the 6th May. Expect gifted Pod skins and fireworks!

We're getting a new book. Frigates of Eve Online in summer of 2017. Will feature technical details and cut-outs of ships. Max Singularity (Yeah the Space-Pope) will be a guest writer as he actually works of the NASA JPL!

CCP are launching an official Android and Apple phone App. Notifications, Mail, Calendar and buy PLEX, AUR and manage your subscription. More to be added?

Then onto Citadel. The Palatine Keepstar will the the super-special XL citadel and only one can ever be online at once (fluid-router mechanics apparently). They will cost one 15th of the total wealth of Eve players (nice nod back to CCP Quants bit) and the first one will have a memorial placed next to it celebrating they were the first that will remain even when someone destroys it.

New weapon systems for Citadels include a big tractor beam that can pull enemies close so you can kersplatt them and repulser fields to shove them away.  

Next citadels will be industrial platforms in the autumn and then drilling platforms in the winter.

By Fanfest 2017 the POS buy-back scheme will be running as time will be running out.

Mining Barges, Exhumers and the Roqual are getting make-overs both to stats and models. Also Roqual is getting a super "weapon". Make your mining fleet invulnerable for a short length of time!

They are also getting super rogue-drone-part-augmented mining drones!

Now the big one. FACTION CAPITALS! The Serpentis/Guardian Angel's will have a Titan and a Dreadnought. Titan is mega buffed and nothing like a puny Erebus. Their Dread has all the defensive extras stripped out to make more space for additional gank!

Yeah, thats not a typo on the titan. 1000% bonus to XL hybrid gun damage!

Warfare links and more important warfare link play is being revamped. No details but they want warfare links to be fun to play and not something you can do multi-boxing by the sounds of it.

A new Dev called CCP Ghost came on. He's working on NPE. Apparently 1.5 million people tried Eve Online last year. A massive percentage lasted 2 hours. Now he didn't go into details but he said what we all know. Remember that player-made meme - Eve Online. Here's a ship - Fuck you! I think he wants a NPE that is more traditionally MMO. New bro's are held by the hand in an over-arching NPC storyline involving missions. Once they have completed that, then it's here is a ship, fuck you! However by then, they hopefully have fallen in love with the game. May we see a more WoW NPE? Don't immediately knock it! 1.5 million new bros and hardly any staying says this needs to change if Eve is to continue!

More events ala Operation Frostline with more client integration. Next up Shadows of the Serpent which will introduce the new Faction capitals.

Seagull's summing up showing where we are on the currently published roadmap:-

Now random pictures from day 1!



  1. Drack - Very nice summary and photos, thanks. I hope you don't mind but I stole one of your pictures and linked people to your summary post in my blog post, because I'm lazy.

    1. Any time mate. Also excellent post. To be honest I, as a low-sec PvP player, felt very much the same way. What is the big thing to look forward to....

    2. You can just look at where stand highsec players and PvErs and rejoice that you are not in their place...

      I wasn't interested with the Rubicon Plan when CCP Seagull first introduced it in her november 2013 devblog. I left the game shortly after it, and here I am... still reading news on EVE Online's appalling lack of development where it matters in terms of demography and CCP's subscription money.

      But hey. At least a 15% of players are having a blast with your money.