Monday, April 11, 2016

World of Eve Online

EVE IS DOOMED!...... again...... apparently.

The burning torches and pitchforks are out again. Whilst skill injectors didn't bring the Evepocolypse, this new feature coming soon (tm) might. Dailies!

For anyone who doesn't know several MMOG's out there feature daily quests. Ones you can only complete once per day. The idea is they give you incentive to log on. CCP has just announced that they are implementing something similar. When you log on (with a 22 hour timing running) the first rat you kill will give you 10,000 skill points. This is per character not per account. So if I wanted to I could log in once a day and make 120,000 skill points across my four accounts.

Some see this as the death of Eve, however, will it really be?

10,000 skill points is about 4 hours training if you are spec'd right with implants. So if you do log on every a day to claim your 10k you'll be getting 28 hours instead of 24. Will I be doing this? No chance. 

Drackarn is somewhere around 150,000,000 SP. So killing a rat every 22 hours gives me a 0.00667% increase. I'm currently training Gallente Dreadnought V. That is 3m SP. 10k doesn't even make it worthwhile to log in and claim. However it will help those low skill new bro's who perhaps don't want to shell out a lot of cash (either in game or real life) on skill injectors.

For a 5m SP toon that 10k is 0.2%. Five days of logging on and killing a rat it's a 1% boost. Or its getting a level 1 skill from level 0 to level 2 for one kill. For me that 1% boost to total SP would take 150 days or logging in and killing rats. I'm more interested in my -10 sec status than 10k skill points.

The main thing about this is to get new players logging on. They may start as "I'll just log on and kill a rat to get my 10k and then log off" but might see a mail about a fleet. How many times have you logged on to do something quickly and they are screaming in corp chat for help or that they have a carrier tackled? Just by logging on there is a chance it could lead to something much more. Who knows.

But is this the death of Eve? Stop being silly! It helps new bro's and encourages activity, its not turning Eve Online into WoW, World of Tanks or Hello Kitty Online!

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