Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fanfest 2016 - Tweetfleet Meet

After far too long in the air I made it to Reykjavik! Long trip from the desert but hoping this extended weekend will be worth it! Looking forward to the keynotes tomorrow! A few shots of my journey from the scorched desert to the land of ice!


General Stargazer arranged this year's #tweetfleet meet AND the T-shirts that Sindel had started but then got ganked by real life. A change of venue was needed as we have outgrown the Celtic Cross and last year people could get in. There were a lot of people there and the night was very good... some of the karaoke... not so much :P

Apologies to everyone I met tonight. I finished after my last proper sleep at 2am Iceland time on Tuesday and not slept since. I am like a zombie right now. Anyhoo... some random pictures from the Tweetfleet meet:-



Sorry for anytypos or blurred pictures. Rushing this blog post as need to go to bed and slergaknaengakngananb;klanb;anb;abna;fnbanfbnbanbjadnbanbjasnbowranwrjw9ribnaflnlvfn


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