Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The #Tweetfleet Meet 2016

Just a reminder that General Stargazer is arranging the annual Wednesday night Fanfest #tweetfleet meet.

Change of venue this year! I know! No Celtic Cross! We'll have herds of nerds wandering around Reykjavik lost! But fear not, here are the details and location copied and pasted from the Eve Meet site!

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Its time for the #Tweetfleetmeet again!

Same day, same time, new venue!

As i mentioned on twitter last year, I'd like to change the venue this time round as we have clearly outgrown the Celtic Cross after people started to get turned away last year.

I've been talking with a few local CCP Devs to narrow down a good single pub for us to be able to converge on and managed to book a new location known as Gaukurinn!

For those familiar with the area - Its next door from The Dubliner pub and just round the corner from Nonni's sandwich bar.

Their website is here:

Their facebook page is here:

I've been able to arange some better rates for the drinks that evening (to get happy hour extended later) - Not only that, but the venue will be extending its hours and will be open to 4am!

Its a new venue, so if things dont pan out we can always try somewhere new next year!

If you have any questions you can get me on twitter @blind_hope on the tweetfleet slack @blind_hope or drop me an ingame mail "General Stargazer".

See you there!

-General Stargazer

Its always a good laugh and usually a few Dev's turn up! Some pics I've taken over the years...








2016... Soon (tm)

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