Friday, July 15, 2011

Anything Eelis Can Do, I can do Worse

A while ago, when SoTF left faction war and Nisuwa to head out on a new journey, Eelis Kiy all round sultry voiced minx and author of the blog Where the Frack is my Ship? did a little bit of "fan fiction". Very good read and I recommend you have a look at it here. TBH you need to read that first or my "reply" doesn't make as much sense!

Drackarn slowly opened his eyes. His quarters were dimly lit which was a godsend as his head was pounding. He tried to raise himself up but found a woman's arm draped across his chest. He slumped back down trying to remember what happened the night before and more importantly who was in his bed with him. He glanced either side of him and was greeted with an identical image of a Gallente pleasure girl each side of him.
"Mmmm wonder how how much these two cost me?" he thought. "May be that shiny new Bhaalgorn would have to wait." Still, a waste of money for something he didn't remember.
Drack glanced up at the holoprojector and the red light showed it was still recording discreetly.
"Ahhhh at least I'll be able to remember in that way"
He carefully moved the arms pinning him down and slipped out of bed. The two girls stirred and cuddled up to each other without waking. Carefully Drack picked his way though the littered floor of discarded clothes and empty bottles, careful to not make too much noise. His travel cases were lined up side-by-side by the door, he knew packing the morning after would have been a bad idea so he'd done it the day before.
The food dispenser made a hum as it delivered his chosen beverage. The bright green concoction smelt foul. Drackarn had been given the formula by the bar keeper at the Nisuwa State Protectorate Station. It had been in chemical formula format when he received it which was unusual when sharing recipe's. When he asked why, the barman had simply stated "Cus you really don't want to know what's in it!"
Drackarn sipped the drink and felt refreshed. The headache eased almost instantly. He was sure there were illicit substances in the drink, but didn't care as it did the job so well. When you feel like you've got a gravaton smartbomb going off in your head, it was the only cure he knew.
With a clearer mind the events of the previous evening started to surface. Shadows of the Federation were leaving for a new home and he and his corp mates wanted to make sure they had a good final night in the station that had been their home for so long. The preparations had been made the week before to ensure the bar was over stocked and that "special company" had been arranged and shuttled in for all that wanted it, or in fact didn't want it. A smile appeared on Drackarn's face as he remembered Marcus the male escort hitting on their CEO Gallactica who was too drunk to realise who he really was and just thought he was being really friendly. Drackarn had added Marcus to the list as a surprise for Eelis. When Eelis hadn't shown up for the party he was about to have marched down to her quarters and drag her to the party. Luckily, just before he had he checked the station manifest. Rashmika was showing up as a guest. His ship was docked in hanger 34-D but Drackarn knew that he wouldn't be there and that Eelis wouldn't be needing the services of Marcus tonight!
He entered the bathroom and shook his head. In the bath was an unconsious Lexx and two of the male Minmatar dancers from the night before. Drack backed out slowly and closed the door to let them wake in their own time. Truth be told his hand had hovered above the shower controls, but given how he felt the morning after he couldn't bring himself to do it. He wasn't being nice, he was just worried he might laugh too much and throw up.
The girls in his bed were still fast asleep and the message light on his data pad was blinking. He brought the message up and it was from the hanger bay. His hanger had been packed and his Chimera class carrier was ready for launch.
3 long jumps in a carrier full of his best ships, modules and ammo. Not something he was looking forward to given how he was still feeling.
Outside his quarters the pre-ordered carriage droid was waiting. He loaded his cases onto the rack and hit the complete switch. The roid sped off down the corridor.
Drackarn picked up his grab bag which was the last of his belongings and looked back into the room. He smiled thinking of all that had happened in those quarters over the past year.
He walked out of the room for the last time.... hitting the remote shower start up on his way out.

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