Saturday, July 23, 2011

Holidays and Friday Fun

Summer is traditionally a quiet time for Shadows. Whilst us out here in the Middle East hide indoors from the blistering heat, the European members are out having BBQ's, lounging in beer gardens, going on holiday and generally doing other stuff that playing Eve Online. Also at this usually quiet time of the year there has been a few other issues relating to people logging on. We've got some members on Incarna related emo-rage-breaks. To be honest you cannot blame them especially when you are not ISK rich and you are losing ships to the "Black Screen of Nothingness" or the "Warp! Warp!!!!! WARP FFS!!!!!" issues. There are also the hardware issues, the lack of ship spinning (I am assured by some this is a reason for not logging on) and other things that have just arsed people off about the game. Also at a corp level, our decision to go -10 flashy pie has also had an impact on some of our players. But the main reason I think is that our army of pasty white geeks are emerging from their normal habitats and venturing into the sun to have fun and go on holiday!

However there were a few of us about last night so we jumped into Nano-BC, HACs and Recons and went for a mooch. Our fleet of 10 set off from Kamela and decided to visit our old stomping ground of Black Rise again. Same route we took last Friday with Tekitha's birthday roam.

First action we found was a BS sat on a station. I was asked to warp in at range and stick a few rounds into him and see what he did. He got a dozen of his mates to undock. Geddons, Ravens, a Drake. So we moved on.

Some how the conversation on Vent got onto vasectomy. No idea how that happened! A couple of the Shadow's have been "deactivated" and why that is a good topic of conversation I have no idea!!!

Anyway, before it got too bad, our +1 found a Cane and Atron in FW mission. We didn't hold out much hope of them still being there after we jumped in, warped to the mission gate, activated gate, arrived in mission and burnt over to try and point them. But you've got to give it a go haven't you? and Assume he was dual boxing and not paying attention to local spiking.

We land on the Schoorasana gate, looks like we missed a big fight. Plenty of wrecks and abandoned drones. Nothing to shoot though.

We pass through Ladistier.... and of course someone has to mention "who always pays his debts" (which is usually me). Yes it's Lannister not Ladistier but as that system is about 20 jumps from home, so whenever we get there we are usually drunk enough for it not to matter that much! Anyway that leads onto some Game of Thrones banter. Good series that. Glen Quagmire would approve. Giggity!

We find a bunch of T3's in OMS but when probbed down we find them all sat in two different PoS's.

So we decide to sit on the Villore gate for a while, but before we land our scout has found an Apoc on Heyd. We turn around and catch him on gate. As we finish that a Helios jumps through, Annie points and pops.

On to Kedama and we find a Drake on Tama gate, jumps into Tama and docks after being bashed. Nothing mush about and it's getting late so we head back.

I DC due to a BSoD and the others snag a Drake on a gate. I log in and catch up with the fleet and find someone called Faye Valintein was not a happy bunny. Moaning in local about their dead Drake.

Unfortunatly one of our guys in a HAC didn't quite make it off the gate in time and the gate guns take him down. Again for a second week running our only loss of the night is to NPC's! When asked if the Vaga loss was worth the Drake kill our CEO responded diplomatically....

Faye Valintein > was that vaga worth my drake kill?
Faye Valintein > i hope so
Gallactica > yup
Siko Senpai > totally
Gallactica > just to see you moan like a girl in local :)

I'm not in fleet so had to jump ahead to Vitrauce as I was getting gate gun aggro... only find a frigate (I know, I'm a bully!) sat on gate - and pod him. Sec status is almost -10 now!

And finally we find a lone Thrasher in Sadiusairos -

Again, another 50 jump roam and no sign of any other fleet other than those BS we encountered earlier on. This is EU prime-time and all we're finding is singles to gank. I know it's summer but still.......


Losses to NPC's - 1
Losses to Players - 0
Bottles drunk - A fair few
Kills - 7 (excluding Pods, our KB's playing silly buggers ATM)
Fleets engaged - 0, again
Total jumps - 50+
CEO Bottles of Red - ONLY 1!!!!
Lolz had - Sufficient
Kills resulting in moaning in local - 1
10 minute long discussions on "The Snip" - 1
10 minute long discussions on the "filth" in Game of Thrones - 1

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