Friday, July 29, 2011

SoTF Open's it's Doors!

Back when we were in it, we found that spying and meta-gaming in faction war was rife. In fact I'm convinced that in the militia's there are more spy alts on some times than actually true militia members. Of course a spy in your corp during faction war is a PITA. Whatever fleet you have out, they'll be able to counter it if they know your ship types, tactics and any backup plan. We've had spies in our fleet whilst we've had spies in their fleet. It just becomes like something out of the Pink Panther!

However we are now out of faction war and just shooting anything that moves. So for the the first time that I can remember, Shadows of the Federation has opened recruitment.

Here's the official announcement from the Eve-O forums...


Having just celebrated our 3rd Birthday and recently published as the 9th top EVE PVP corporation according to EON magazine (from December 2010 to Feburary 2011) SoTF has opened its doors to look for potential new recruits to join in the fun/madness with us.

Firstly our killboard stats can be found here.

We are looking at potential corps to join the alliance as well as taking on new members into the SoTF fold.

And now a little about us -

We recently formed our own alliance “Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly” and we have very few blues which means lots of targets, we currently reside in the Kamela area of space which is a hotbed of pirate / FW activity.

What are we looking for? Well how to sum that up in a short paragraph is going to be difficult. We've always used the term "Shadowy" within corp to describe our members. However, outside of corp that will mean F all to most people.

The typical "Shadowy" person is a social animal. They tend not to be hard-core gamers, all about the win, who take their serious internet spaceships REALLY, REALLY seriously. They want to log on, shoot some people in the face, have a laugh and joke whilst doing it with a great bunch of people and log off. No CTA's, no PoS bashing, no alarm-clock ops. The organised and advertised Corp events are usually PvP roams which would be great if you can make it, but if you've got a hot date not a problem. Give her one from all of us! Photo's on the forum an added bonus!

Topics of conversation during roams tend to be R rated and generally WTF? (However as soon as "Check-check" or "Battle comms" is heard you are expected to shut up as it's fight time!). Drinking is a sport in SoTF and the drunken lolz fleets are some of the best fun we have.

SoTF has an older-player base. I don't think we've got any teenagers and generally late-20's to mid-30's is the age range of the vast majority of our player-base, we have pilots ranging from 10 mil sp upto 120 mil sp players.

If your a super serious eleventy million sp Eve player who goes emo and screams on comms if someone makes a mistake in fleet. Sorry, tbh you'll hate it.

Only got 20m SP's but fly something useful (T2 fitted - logi, recons, BC, HAC, BS are our usual staple) or are a good scout etc? Do your mates decribe you as a cross between Barny Gumble and Glen Quagmire? You'll fit in fantasitcally well.

If you're looking for a fun, no pressure, Mainly EU TZ, PvP corp, contact either the CEO (me!) Gallactica or Drackarn for further discussion.

What we offer:

Excellent fleet compositions (BC, Nano HAC/CS/T3 gangs with logi + Bhaalgorns/Machariels, etc)
Supporting cap fleets
Logistics (able to move large quantities of assets)
Corp shop (web based and can get you anything you need delivered to our base of operations)
Friendly community
Target rich environments
Vent server, forums, website, etc.

What We need -
The main toon and not an alt.
Has good PvP experience especially in fleets (i.e. knows what to do in a fleet roam/camp and knows FC commands etc)
10mil Skillpoint minimum requirements,
Moderately active (online at least three times a week with RL exceptions of course)
Able to use voice comms and speak in English
18 years or older (our conversations can sometimes be a little on the 'mature' side)
Any timezone (we're mostly Euro but have people from everywhere)
Outgoing players, no anti-socials
Dont have a problem being -10, we are pirates

Please note that your full API will be required upon applying. You can cycle the key once you are either accepted or rejected, but we MUST have your full API for a thorough check. This is none negotiable. If you are not prepared to do this, please do not apply.


So there you go. If you are looking for a drunken bunch of pirates for care-free PvP drop Gallactica or myself a line in-game and we'll have a chat.

Oh and Gallactica wouldn't let me post the recruitment poster that Eelis Kiy, of Where the Frack is My Ship, made for us. 

Oh I forgot! That should have been on the "What we offer" list on the post. Not only do we have a Vent server, but WHEN Eelis comes back to game we'll have her sultry tones back on there. You can check them out on this podcast!

Anyway back to the recruitment poster! He didn't want THAT photo of him on the Eve Online forums. However he said I was OK to post it on my blog which makes a lot of sense. Gall, you do know this is a public blog visited by Eve players don't you?

And yes, that really is our great and glorious CEO, Gallactica, in the bottom panel! The mind just boggles!

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  1. LMAO. Gallactica! I never would've known :P
    Great poster, and good luck with your recruitment. I'll do a friendly bump in your EVE-O thread.
    Also, the new Alliance name is WAY better than the old one ;)