Friday, July 15, 2011

A Pirates Life for Me? V2

Again a slightly older post I was about to make on the alliance website but never happened as we split....

OK, so in a previous blog post I talked about good vs bad and how going pirate in ShadowWolves was a issue for me.
A few weeks down the line and I'm officially a pirate. Fully paid up member for the "Shoot me on sight, I'm red!" brigade.
So how did I get here? Basically I stuck to what I said in my previous post. I've not hi-sec ganked anyone, I've avoided podding people, but I have shot everything I can in low-sec. This has included industrials (seriously, wtf are you doing hauling soil around our area!), shuttles and noob ships along with all the more "fighty" combat ships. Low-Sec does not have CONCORD and therefore players expect that it is unsafe, I'm not saying hi-sec IS safe, it's not, but what I'm saying is when you jump into lo-sec you get that nice little message telling you the facts. Nobody should moan if they get blown up in lo-sec, you have been warned by the game itself.
So how am I finding being a dirty piwate? I've not had half the issues I was expecting. I'm justifying my baddie status with the lo-sec thing. You're in a -0.4 or below system, then these 720mm RF EMP shells that are streaking towards your ship should come as no surprise. You are surprised? Well tough. Pay attention to that little message that pops up when you jump 0.5 > 0.4 that say's it's unsafe. Oh and thanks for the loot it was very.... WTF? SOIL????

It's weird how different games have different perceptions of good vs bad. In Call of Duty do I hesitate firing on the "other side". Of course not, it would be the most pointless game ever if that was the case. But that's one side vs the other, black and white, it is red verses blue. In Eve there are really no sides unless you are in one of the militias or have an active war dec. How many "sides" are there in Eve if you think about it? Thousands? Although you could argue just two currently, players vs CCP over monoclegate :)
Also when that opposing ship explodes, they person piloting it does not "respawn". He has lost it. Might have been nothing, might have been weeks worth of carebear grinding to get the ISK for that fit. Call of Duty this game is not!
Also I've not had any real tears from my victims. Whether it's been a shuttle, a noob ship, an industrial or a combat ship. The worst I've had is "Nooooooo... my noob ship" in local and one convo about me popping their noob ship again. Why do people get so angry about their noob ships but the more expensive ones are gf's?
The biggest adjustment is those sodding gate and station guns. It really does bring a new element to the game when you need to factor in the otherside might be getting a free 300dps extra. Getting a ship and fitting to tank the guns is not the issue, the problem is those fits tend to be light on DPS. It's a whole new balancing act to contend with. Being a pirate really does bring a new element to the game. It's amazing how many games make up Eve Online.
So what now? Well I suppose next thing is ransoming pods. Apparently that's "the done thing" for your average pirate-about-space. Oh and sitting on a gate as a red. See what agresses me rather than me doing all the aggressing and upsetting the space fuzz (aka CONCORD).
All together now.... G'aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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