Friday, July 15, 2011

You didn't get Fleet Bonus' with this Wing Commander

We ganked a poor pilot outside our station the other day. He had a bit of a moan in local about us "ganging" up on him. Then one of SoTF did mention he had seven corp mates in station.

We then started talking on comms about they must all be "person spinning" in the captains quarters. To which someone replies what if CCP removed the undock button when you are in the CQ and you had to physically run to the pod gantry to be able to undock.

There was much laughing about how that would result in panicking and the like when the stations are fully open (come on CCP, pull your finger out. I want bars with exotic dancers NOW!) and someone screaming for help results in all these avatars running down the corridor towards the lift.

That got me thinking of my first PC space game which had a cinematic of pilots running down a corridor to their ship. 21 years ago! I specifically got my first PC, a 286, for this game. Yes I had Elite on my Spectrum 48k with rubber keyboard, the original "Eve". And before that Star Wars on the Atari 2600. But this was the first PC game I ever had....

... and the best thing about it. You never got the black screen of nothingness when undocking ;)

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  1. Lord, I remember that game, back when joysticks were still valid.