Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Introduction

Hello interweby thing o/

I've been doing blog type posts on my Eve Online Corporation forum, Shadows of the Federation, for some time.

I've never really though of doing a proper blog as Eelis Kiy, member of SoTF and real life girl with boobies and everything already did the awesomesauce blog - Where the Frack is my Ship A blog of such wtfpwn-awesomeness I didn't dare try to do a pale comparison. Anyway, she's taking an Eve break currently so you should all visit "Where the Frack is my Ship" at and make some comment that she should come back to the game. She's got a super sexy voice and our Vent server is all the poorer in her absence!

Please note all of our corp aren't big on lipstick... well except the CEO when he's got that maids outfit on....

Anyway, I suppose the first post should be about who I am in game.

In Eve my main character is Drackarn, Director in the corporation "Shadows of the Federation" which is the founding member of the "Drunk 'n' Disorderly" Alliance [-FU-].

I started in Eve in July 2008 after buying a new PC. I'd seen Eve Online before in magazines but one thing always put me off. As skill training and advancement was time based, you could never catch up to the veteran players. However, in the end I gave it a go. I spent a few months as a missioning carebear in a Caldari NPC corp just shooting rats. A few months later I was chatting to an old mate on the net one day and I mentioned that I'd started playing Eve Online. He also was playing it and invited me over to join the corp he was in. So I packed up my stuff and moved over to Revelation Space -RS-. I was able to carebear to my hearts content with those guys and it was a great little corp with some great people. I'd already played online with many of them as I was also for a while in their SW:G guild before SOE spoilt the game and I left. There was one minor problem. Once a month -RS- would join the Gallente Militia for a weekend of PvP. I thought I'd join in.....

"Oooo what's going on here...." POP! "Oh I'm dead"

"That guys targetting...." POP! "Oh I'm dead again!"

My introduction to PvP was not the greatest. I warped in, died in a fire, warped my pod out. After a few goes at this I'd log off and do something else during the weekends -RS- was in FW. Didn't help that at that time (3 years ago) the Caldari were spanking the Gallente.

I tried again a month or two later. I don't know what, but something was different now. Was it I was flying a better class of ship, had I accumulated the right skills, was I more practiced in the game and it's mechanics? I don't know what had changed, but this time I was knocking the seven bells out of the Caldari rather than insta-popping myself. Suddenly PvP was FANTASTIC! I was even moaning to the corp directors for more time each month in FW. I'd gone from Carebear to Werebear.

This was also the time the Gallente FW corps we flew with in general militia decided to band together to create a Mutual Defense Pact. -RS- was interested but didn't have the numbers to make an effective member of the MDP. So after a lot of soul-searching the CEO gave people the oppertunity, after making the right arrangements, for any corp member to join Shadows of the Federation. The PvP'rs, including myself and the CEO, joined SoTF and became fulltime, 100% PvP'rs in game.

I loved it. We had some great fights with a great bunch of guys.

After a while I was made a director in SoTF and have never looked back. We've been through some interesting times. Looking back over the last two years in SoTF we've turned the tide in FW from Caldari dominance to Gallene dominance, spent some time in NPC 0.0 space, joined the NC bloc and did the 0.0 sov thang, back to FW, done low-sec war decs/NBSI with sec status cap and now currently low-sec pirates, NBSI, in fact shoot everything.

In real life, I'm Dave, 35 and a Brit expat living in the Middle East with my long suffering "Eve Widow" Debbie!

So that's the intro done. Now to catch up on posts.....

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  1. Stop plugging my blog I'm having too much fun in Warhammer! Glad to see you've finally taken the plunge \m/