Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can I Haz Eve Stuffz

Did you know that CCP are pushing for a new version of the classic Rifter frigate?
No, it is not a pirate faction Rifter.
No, it is not a Navy faction Rifter.
No, it is not a T3 Rifter.
It's a......... Lego Rifter!
Here is a picture of the "prototype" that I took at Fanfest where it was on display.
If it gets 10,000 votes on the Lego website, they will look at it seriously. And we're OVER 9000 currently. So why are you still reading this when you could be voting to make the Lego Rifter a reality!
There has been a lot of talk recently about Eve branded stuff. I was amazed at Fanfest of all the gear that was there. Of course there were the T-shirts from Quaffe to "Can I haz your stuffz". The laptop backpacks were very nice.... and very pricey! Eve mugs, hoodies, glasses, bottle openers, stickers, shot glasses, ship models, patches, stickers, books, the list goes on and on. But no real electronics or computer related items.
Legs, sorry I mean Sindel Pellion, from the #tweetfleet raised the other week that if Razer are making a Star Wars: The Old Republic special edition keyboard, why are there no Eve keyboards? Think about it. There are some great reasons why an Eve keyboard would sell.
Eve is nearly 9 years old. Next May it'll have been going 10 years! A decade of one single game with no signs of slowing down. What other games have that longevity? Seriously how many games are still going strong after a year, never mind 10.
The year Eve started was the year:-
- The space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on re-entry
- First case of SARS was reported
- The Iraq war began
- Arnold Schwarzenegger took office in California
- Sadam was captured
- The Beagle II explorer lands on Mars. The logs, and everything else, show nothing, at all, ever!
- Bob Hope and Johnny Cash died
- The movies of the original Pirates of the Caribbean and Finding Nemo were released.
Now wasn't that a long time ago! Now think of that in gaming terms. The following games were released same year as Eve Online:-
- Star Wars : Galaxies
- Star Wars : KOTOR
- Silent Hill 3
- Homeworld 2
- Call of Duty (The first one!)
- Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Now also remember those are releases for the PC, PS2, XBox, Game Boy Advanced and Gamecube. The very first initial prototype of the PSP was shown in 2003. The PS3, 360, WII etc were still on the drawing board.
Technology wise the following happened:-
- Intel Pentium M was released.
- Intel Pentium Celeron 2ghz was released.
- GeForce 5600 was announced.
- Windows XP 64-Bit Edition.
- iTunes store is opened.
- Steam releases.
- Windows XP Media Centre.
Your average shop bought PC came with a gig of RAM (yes, just the one!) and a 30-60gb hard drive!
As Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw said, Eve is "inhabited by geeks that are to geeks what geeks are to normal people". We love technology, we love gadgets. We'd love an Eve keyboard. Here is my set up below, I tried to take the picture in a Sindel Stylee (as it's her idea!) but ended up crushing my nuts. So no legs in this one!
I have heard of corporations in Eve that insist their logistics pilots must have PC's with SSD's fitted and minimum scores in 3DMark. Seriously what other game has people THAT dedicated. As you can see in the above I have a Razer Keyboard and Razer Mouse. We Eve players love our technology.
Yes Eve doesn't have the millions of players that SW:TOR and WoW has, but what we do have is more long term players. People who are more likely to invest in hardware that would help them play that one particular game. I for one would pre-order an Eve Online keyboard and pay the extra get it ship out here to the desert if someone would just make one.
Only real fans will buy a game specific keyboard and if it's one thing Eve Online has in abundance, it's real fans!
So again, why are you reading this when you could be Tweeting @cultofrazer and saying what a great idea a Razer Eve Online keyboard would be.
After that's sorted, I propose Eve branded lingerie! It's the only way I'll ever get my wife "into" Eve!


  1. I can haz Strongbow!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Where can we get this eve lingerie!

  3. I was hooked at the mention of an eve keyboard, I threw money at the screen when I saw the lingerie.

  4. Don't think CCP would ever allow the lingerie. It would distract their most hardcore fans from their computer screens. Can't have tha ;-)

    1. That would be the issue speaking as man who's wife will walk into the computer room in stockings and high heels resulting me saying on comms "Ermmmm guys..... afk for a.... well afk!"

  5. Try a Saitek Cyborg gamepad, or a Logitech G13 Gamepad.

    I - for one - am going to buy one of these as soon as I have extra money to spend

    1. But surely a shiny Eve branded keyboard would look better!

  6. What? No EVE Online mouse mat!!

    1. Xmas present from the wife. Starcraft, look at it this way, from a woman who hates computers, it could have been so much worse!

  7. love the tissues ready for the fap :p

    1. I'd say that as living in the dusty desert that every room in the villa has at least two boxes to hand...... but I won't convince you will I? fap, fap, fap, fap!

  8. just don't let a 5 year old get a hold of that Lego Rifter by the time the child has finished it'll be a house with three wings

    1. Looks like a house with three wings? Sounds traditional Minmatar design!