Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fame and Fortune to be Had!

Very soon I'll start posting a series here that will be culminating in a live event in-game. If you decide to follow this story you could end up with some nice loot, plenty of ISK as well as fame!

There are a few of us working on this project. You'll not get the "when" and "how" here on this blog, just the "why". I will be setting the scene over the next few weeks, introducing the characters and giving you an insight into what's going on. You'll need to identify the others involved and do a little detective work of your own if you are going to get your hands on the prize!

The story on this blog will be developing over the coming weeks. I'll be looking to post a part every Friday. As well as this evolving piece of fan fiction you might see references in-game and on other Eve Online related sites. Eventually the path will become less clear here and you'll need to look for the way elsewhere on the web as others take over the running. Eventually it will culminate in an in-game battle where big bounties will be paid, and capturing the right "cargo" will give you choices. Is your morality for sale? What choice will YOU make? Will it be the choice of law and order, for a small financial reward but knowing you've done the right thing? Or does the big cash reward and the dubious moral option sound more appealing to you? If so, how do you justify the end result to yourself?

This all started with this piece of fan fiction here. It was about a gold-digger looking to snag a capsuleer who got played herself. I thought that people should be warned about this criminal! I wrote a "news" article which got published here.

Following this, someone who read both pieces came to me with an idea. A bloody good idea. An escalation. What if? And then how about?

We talked about it, we brainstormed, we got to the point that we are now. So here we are, at the start of a journey that could make you rich (relatively speaking, if you are a multi-billionaire already it's not going to make a huge difference). But be warned, we're not giving it away. You'll need to follow the story and track down the leads from this and other sites.

Oh and you'll not be the only capsuleer on the hunt. Some will follow the path for the money and rewards, some for justice after reading the facts and believing i is the right thing to do, some will follow the path for what is right and some just because there is going to be pew-pew to be had. You don't need to be a roleplayer to take part, I am certainly not.

I wish you all the best of luck!

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  1. Looking forward to this considering I have never done anything approaching RP before.

    Oh and it was nice to randomly bump into you a few days ago and have a chat!